Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hello out there!
Remember me?

It's Erin! I used to blog here.

It's been a little bit nuts lately in the Maple'hood.

Josh and I took off for an overnight getaway this past weekend. We have great friends who were willing to take in our kids for the weekend.

That might actually turn them from "great friends" into saints. Because, have you met my kids?

Alex and Derek had the time of their lives having a sleepover with their friends. When Alex spotted us at the door coming to retrieve her she literally ran off, hid under a bed, and cried.
It was kind of an underwhelming "welcome home" but at least we knew she wasn't distraught without us.

Josh and I didn't go too far, just to Raleigh for the night, but it was lovely to get away just the two of us. We shopped at a nice mall, and ate at Maggiano's.
Have you heard of this place? We had never eaten there before, but several friends had recommended it so we thought we'd try it out.
They had warned us that we'd need reservations for a Saturday night, and when we tried to make them we realized they were right. The only time available was 4:45.
But we enjoy eating with senior citizens so we were down.

There was a lot of food.
A lot.
And they have some strange thing in which they send you home with more food. Not just your doggie bag, but extra entrees "for tomorrow."


We are not the type to say no to extra food, but we weren't exactly sure when we were going to have time to eat it since we were staying in a hotel and not going right home the next day.

I would tell you how it all turned out, but I'm afraid if I use the term "post coital lasagna" I might lose a few readers.
So I wont.

We saw a movie on Sunday and then stopped in at the outlet mall on the way home. I had been there the week before and I'd seen a dresser that I really liked, but decided I shouldn't get.
You know, because we're supposed to be getting rid of stuff, not accumulating it.

But I was still thinking about that dresser and decided that if it was still there, I should get it.
Because there was only one, and surely it would be gone already.

Except it wasn't.
Maybe it's not as nice as I think?
But I still wanted it.

And we were driving the Corolla.

Josh wasn't so happy with the fact that
1) I wanted a new dresser.
2) We don't have room for a new dresser. And
3) That he had to try to fit a dresser into a clown car.

But he still loves me.
At least for now; but when we're tripping over each other in a much smaller house in California that love might run out.

Anyway. Our getaway was fun, but then we were back to reality.
Tomorrow morning our landlord will be here at the house, and since we're also moving, like, next week, it was a good motivation to start going through things room-by-room.
So we've cleaned and cleared out, and taken a vanload of things to goodwill.

And today, as my friend Amy put it, was the 8th anniversary of my 25th birthday. My husband interrupted our cleaning plan with a surprise 1-hour massage.
For me, not him.

It was lovely.
I am oily.

That is all. 



Sandy said...

maybe you should clarify who 'gave' you the massage. oil...an hour...if it was your husband then you may have just became the most hated woman on the planet!!! =o)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday!

Jen mcd

Christina said...

Yay for a getaway! I'll pray for smooth sailing during all this moving business!

Jessica said...

Really?!? I'm going to have to stop reading this, which will make me sad because I like pictures of my niece and nephew. You know what I'm talking about.

I'm Erin. said...

Jess, I'm sorry. I know how much it disturbs you when I buy furniture. I promise not to blog about it again.


Taylor said...

I watch The Big Bang Theory and totally know what coital means.

Gross, Erin. Gross. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I am happy for the time you are getting to spend with Josh. Lasagna is good *whenever* you eat it. Hope the moving stuff progresses smoothly!