Monday, October 10, 2011

A Special Day

This post gets more than just a number-- it is a very special day for our little family.

Last night, Alex decided that she was ready to pray to become a follower of Jesus!
I'm so very grateful that the Lord has softened her heart and given her the gift of a simple faith in him.

Ephesians 2:8-9 
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-- not by works, so no one can boast.

I only wish that her daddy had been home to hear her prayer. She didn't hesitate or even ask me what she should say; it was a sweet, sweet moment.

Afterward she said, "Mommy, do you think Daddy will be as excited as you are when I tell him? 
I don't think he's going to cry like you."
She laughed at me for crying, but I couldn't help it. I told her they were happy tears.
And as I closed the door to her room, I told her that the angels in heaven were having a celebration for her.

I know that many of you reading this blog do not share our faith, and I thank you for putting up with these posts that are more faith-centered. I hope you never feel 'preached at' or offended by anything I might write.
But I want to take a moment and just encourage you to consider what you believe about God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. The way modern culture perceives Christian religion is so far off-based from what it is to truly be a servant of Jesus. The joy, peace, and freedom of a relationship with your Creator is something I wish for each and every one of you.

*Stepping down from the pulpit*

Today for school, Alex had an assignment to use her imagination and write a story about being someone or something other than herself. She wouldn't tell me what she was going to write about, but she came back with this--

(I'll copy the spelling and grammar exactly so you can see what an awesome teacher I am.

I am a ajole. Sm butty ast Jesus to be the Lode of theaw Life. I and my ajole Frens are Frin a porty. Jesus is sooooooooo Happy taht he crid foR joy!

Somehow when she wrote it, it took up a whole page.

Translation: I am an angel. Somebody asked Jesus to be the Lord of their life. I and my angel friends are throwing a party. Jesus is soooooooo happy that he cried for joy!

I love that little girl.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I know you were filled with joy.

I don't know people survive the trials of life without Jesus......

so, I say -- "preach on"!!

Thank you for sharing this precious moment with your readers.

Anna from NC

Erin said...


melanie21 said...

Such a sweet and precious moment! Callie asked Jesus into her heart this morning so I can relate the happy tears flowing from a joyful Mommy's heart!! You're pouring yourself into these children and it is having an eternal impact!! God bless, my friend!

Mrs. J said...

Amazing! I am crying over here! What wonderful, awesome news! And what a blessing that you were there to share it with her!!!! I will never forget the moments my boys made that awesome decision! And you are so right...the angels are having a party! Incredible. Thanks for sharing! And I appreciate your witness on here & think you do an awesome job of not "preaching at" but being real. I have shared a few of your posts with a few of my friends I know are needing Jesus! You are a really talented writer!

melicity said...

My heart is so happy reading this. With all of the bad news in the world, the simple faith of a precious child is awe-inspiring. Praise the Lord! :)

Taylor said...

So sweet! How exciting!

April said...

Yay Alex! :) Welcome to the family!

I got to be there with my little girl too - what a blessing!

Sally said...

Precious... Precious... Precious!!! All three of my kids asked Jesus into their hearts as we were driving around doing mundane car errands... don't ever think that time is wasted time!

Sally said...

Precious... Precious... Precious!!! All three of my kids asked Jesus into their hearts as we were driving around doing mundane car errands... don't ever think that time is wasted time!

Sunk Costs said...

sweet sweet ajole.

Christina said...

What an amazing moment/day!! I love her story. I didn't even need a translation! :)

Sandy@Life Began In A Garden said...

Awesome ! There is no greater joy than to know your children walk with God!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

So exciting. My kids make fun of me for crying too. Alex is a very sweet angel. Thanks for sharing this special moment with us!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

A day to savor for all eternity. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent news!! I Love Love Love the story!! So precious!

And preach it, sister!


The Main Family said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Tears!

Alex, I'm so proud of you and the decision youve made with God. Angels are dancing for you sweetie!

Love, Jen McD

Anonymous said...

I always thought you were beautiful and still do. I don't think the perm (blame your Mom) kept any of the boys away.
I love you

Beth Lewis said...

What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing!