Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 19

 A Sunday List, because I'm feeling lazy.

1) After a couple days of missing each other, Josh and I were able to hook up on Skype twice this weekend. I do love to see his smiling face on the computer screen, and it's a must faster way of catching up than typing everything out.
Josh is doing well and staying busy.
Sometimes I get so caught up with the fact that he's just not here, that I forget that he's fighting in a war.

This is probably a good thing to forget, no?

2) I was reprimanded for a lack of daily blogging and also told that our son needs a haircut ASAP.
Some people are so bossy!

3) Our weekend was again rather uneventful.
Unless you count cleaning out my van as an event. Which I kind of do, because it might be the first time that's ever happened.

4) Fall showed up this weekend! The temperatures were in the 60's & 70's and it was glorious!

It has been 4 weeks since Josh gave Alex her new princess ballet leotard. And for 4 weeks in a row, she has worn it to dance class.
This week she was sad that it was too cold to wear it (it's sleeveless), so she disappeared into her room and emerged with it on over top of a long sleeved leotard.

I tried to get a picture of the kids outside of the dance school, but they were in the midst of an attack of the sillies.

5) We've been jammin' out to Veggie Tales silly songs in the car this week.

Have you ever heard the belly button song?
It's my favorite.

You should give it a listen. They harmonize really well.
You know, for vegetables.

6) I found this to be interesting:

Who else?
Well, I guess it could have been Bob.
Or Frank.
Or Ed, Mike, Matt, Joe, John, Chris, Eric...

But apparently the only person who could possibly be driving that old blue Honda is Keith.

And now I know.

(I'm not sure why I felt it necessary to blur Keith's license plate. It's not like he's going to great lengths to protect his own identity. Also, he's missing the question mark.)

7) When she crosses her legs like this and reads a magazine, I'm somewhat inclined to agree with Alex that she's ready to move to a booster seat.

8) Here's another shot of her at college. She always walks around the fountain a few times on our way in.

Then when she's getting restless at our table in the cafeteria, we climb 5 flights of stairs to the library study area.

P.E.- check.

She likes the view from the top.

8) Tomorrow we're meeting a couple other homeschooling families for lunch & a playdate. Then I need to get moving on some laundry and housecleaning before our guests arrive on Tuesday!


Maranda said...

belly button... woot woot.

Love me some veggie tales belly button song too.

Except that it is forever stuck in my head.


Jennifer said...

Ha ha! Taryn sits like that too! Such girly girls :) Kaci's still in her 5 pt restraint car seat. I don't plan on moving her out of it anytime soon ;)

Sandy said...

just because you keep her strapped in that car seat doesn't mean you will keep her from growing up...give that girl some leg room!

i used to think that if you don't feed babies you don't have to change diapers...i kid! maybe...

Gretta Randolph said...

Thought you should read this blog and enter....you would love her class. --Gretta (from Idaho)


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

You need to get the first Veggie Tales Christmas album. Their calypso version of Angels We Have Heard On High is one of my favorites.


melicity said...

Just one thing...

Song of the Cebu

Best. Song. Ever. (from singing veggies, that is.)


Erin said...

lol, ours are all in carseats too. Yes, even the oldest.

Watching "Silly Songs" was in our dvd line up on the way back. I'm tired of the veggies ;)

Are you driving or flying?

Christina said...

Did you get your Veggie Tales songs from Chick-Fil-A? We've been listening, too...they make me laugh out loud. I mean, they make the kids laugh out loud.
And you know how I feel about cleaning out a van. I don't like it. In fact, I just leave my car for someone to steal...that way I don't have to clean it. ;) See? I can even joke about it now. I'm off to make sure the car alarm is set.

Joyce said...

I don't get the name thing on cars either...the monograms are big now too. I don't really get that either.

Your daughter is so pretty! We used to tease my oldest that she'd still be in car seat when she was 20...she's miniature.