Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 44

Meet the Schore family comedy duo. They think they are very funny.

If I recollect, this "photo session" before Awanas last night ended with an exasperated mommy who wondered why it is impossible for two children to stand still for 10 seconds with a semi-normal face on.

What they didn't know is that the joke was on them.

Check out their jeans:

Can we say, last season's pants?
I obviously need to purchase my children some properly fitting jeans for the winter.
There is only one small problem-- shopping with the two of them drives me batty.

And they never go away.

So shopping without the two of them doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. 

I don't really see a resolution to this, so they might just have to wear short pants until I deposit them on Pat the Bunny's porch steps in 3 weeks and drive off without leaving any contact information.

Don't worry, PtB, I'll mail some jeans. You do not want to take them to the mall.

I think my trip north will be right in the nick of time.
Alex was writing in a special book that she received for the deployment to help her get ideas for writing letters to Josh. This particular page had a "sunny day" portion and a "rainy day" portion. She was supposed to write the best part of her week into the sunny day, and the worst in the rainy day.

I can't remember what she came up with for the best part, but I distinctly remember her telling me that the two worst parts of her week are that:
1) Daddy's gone
2) Mom usually yells at me.

I refrained from telling her that she usually deserves it (and that she gets her exaggeration skills from her father), and instead told her that I'm sorry if I've yelled at her.
But if she understood the feminine cycle she would just give me a break from her incessant talking, aggravating her brother, and do what I tell her the first time.

Methinks my patience is running a wee bit low this week.

I did move school on Tuesday to a location where we could snuggle up with some hot chocolate, and she was very happy about our "date."
Of course she doesn't remember that when it's time to tattle on mommy, eh?

Alex also told me today that she was going to count all of her Halloween candy when she went to bed to make sure that I wasn't sneaking it while she was sleeping.

When did she get so smart?
And also, she knows me really well.


Maranda said...

I'm glad my kids can't count higher than 20.

They'll never know how much I ate!

Me and Mr. Wright said...

Hahaha exactly what I needed after too many pages of microbiology: "Jokes on them."

Your kids are too cute! :)

Sandy said...

i love that top pic...

don't your kids know that they have to pay you a toll for taking them trick or treating? one piece of candy EACH from every house they visit! =o)

Anonymous said...

She's mad and you're there = you are the target for said anger.

She loves you. You are her life line (and not just to her candy!). I was totally amazed at how loving, patient, and kind my solo parent friends were this past weekend! You inspire me to be a better mom!

Jen mdc

'licious said...

order kids clothes online! I do it all the time...children's place and old navy often have good sales w coupon codes. plus I find better selection online than in their actual stores.

Taylor said...

Yes. Online shopping. Embrace it.