Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 35

Josh really likes it when I have a new post with pictures for him to see when he gets up in the morning.
Though I'm really not sure when exactly he gets up. Time differences have never been my strong point.

But it is 10:40pm and I promised myself to be sleeping by 11 tonight so I don't have time to finish up my DC trip recap. So he'll have to settle for this:

Derek ready to get on the bus this morning.

It was very sunny.

But Alex and I were prepared for the sun with our matching paparazzi sunglasses.

Disregard the fact that my hair looked like a wet mop.
It was wet. And I assure you I was only moments from grabbing the pony-tail holder.

I need a haircut.

And here's something to wrap this post up.

The other night Alex got out of the shower and was looking at herself in the mirror.
She said: "I don't think I look as pretty as the princesses."
Me: "Don't let Daddy hear you say that! He thinks you're the most beautiful princess."
Alex (pouting): "Do you think I'm as pretty as a princess?"  (Vain much?)
Me: "Well I think when you're pouting you're not as pretty as when you smile."
Alex (VERY disgruntled): "You hurt my feelings. You said I wasn't pretty. I'm going to tell Daddy."

I defended my comment to no avail.
The next morning Alex brought me this to send to Josh:

(Translation: Mommy said last night I am not a princess. This is me last night. I cried. Love Alex.)

For the record-- that is not what I said.

It's 10:47. Good night.


Maranda said...

My daughter got her face painted at Chickfila tonight and she professed, "I look AMAZING!"

Crazy girls... we can be so vain can't we!?

Your kids really are adorable... a price and a princess for sure. :)

Maranda said...

prince (not price!)

Brenda said...

Alex--2 pts.

Grandma said...

Are my eyes deceiving me or did my boy get a slight haircut?

P.S. You are in for big trouble if she has already figured out that she can run to Daddy with her "version" of injustices done to her. Usually when I did it as a child many, many years ago, it involved shopping. Enjoy!

Rachel said...

Wow. Guilt master.

Anonymous said...

It's official. She's got you beat.

Please tell princess Alex I will see her soon! I give suckers to beautiful princesses!

Love, Jeb McD