Sunday, October 5, 2008


We're still waiting for Josh to get home, but hopefully it wont be too much longer. It's hard to believe that it was May when we last saw him!
I was talking with Derek the other day and he told me that when Daddy gets back he only wants him to change his diapers and give him baths. I explained to Derek that this hurt Mommy's feelings, but if that is the way he feels then I will respect his decision ;)
Alex is so excited about his return, and is handling the delays better than I am! It's getting cold here and I need someone to snuggle with :)

Here is a clip of a very excited Derek playing with his big sissy who, despite her rough handling, still brings a smile to his face whenever he sees her.


Jennifer said...

Ok, I admit it... I honestly thought that you and Derek were having this intelligent conversation! But then I put the pieces together -- I'm a little slow these days (or all days...) Hope you guys get to have your reunion soon! You deserve it!

Annie Pennington said...

So sorry it keeps being delayed! :( That's SOOOO discouraging! I hope he's home VERY SOON! It's not fun being cold with no snuggle buddy.

Jen McD said...

Way to go Alex, taking Derek on his first off-roading adventure!

For the sake of his well being, Josh should not let Derek down in this department.

He'll be home soon ((hugs))

Rachel said...

I'm sorry your reunion keeps getting delayed and I hope that it doesn't mean you are still mowing the lawn. We're here pulling for you that he's home tomorrow, or tomorrow, or tomorrow, whenever is the soonest possible!

mikeandmelissafisher said...

Heard about the Stars and Stripes articles...yikes!

I'm thinking you should just surrender to Derek's request. Isn't it just sweet he's wanting his Daddy that much? What a great way for some quality time w/ the Big Man :)