Friday, October 24, 2008

Sharing, Alex Style

Derek: "Hey look at me! I climbed up into Sissy's chair all by myself!"

Alex: "Let me sit with you Derek, we can share it."
Derek: "No way this ends well for me."

Derek: "I was right."


Nicole said...

Hmmm Erin...seems Alex has gotten your bully skills. If I remember the comfy chair in college was yours whenever you wanted ;) ...but then again I guess it actually 'was' yours.

Rachel said...

That last picture is actually laugh out loud funny! I love it. I'm not sure which is better: the flat on the back Derek or the grin on Alex's face!

Jen McD said...

Nice job Alex... just remembers brothers grow up to be bigger and meaner.

Annie Pennington said...

Pictures + Your Commentary = HILARIOUS!