Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Long time no blog

Well I must apologize to my public...I know all 10 of you have been missing my posts :)

To get you caught up on our trip, I will be entertaining you with this list of the top 10 things I miss about home:

10. Nobody steals my laundry detergent

9. My dishwasher

8. Socks that remain white even after walking on the carpet

7. Deciding for myself when to turn the air on (personally, I wouldn't wait until it's 85 degrees)

6. Three letters-- DVR

5. Talking on the phone

4. Alex sleeping in past 0630

3. Derek not waking up 4 times a night, every night

2. Not sleeping in the same room as my children

1. Did I already mention sleep??

Okay, so the trip isn't going perfectly...but we're managing to sneak some fun in here & there. We've had lots of fun outings with the other spouses & kids here-- the zoo, an inflatable play gym, a trolley ride through downtown Montgomery, a coffee shop with a kids play area (behind a sound proof wall!). We spend hours each day at the playground that is just a few feet away from our room. Alex never seems to tire of it & the monitor gets reception out there so I can listen for Derek to finish his 10 minute naps. I've made lots of new friends with the other wives & Josh is enjoying the guys (and gals) in his flight.

Unfortunately, the little man seems to have seasonal allergies here. We started him on some medicine but he still sneezes and snots his way through the day. And then the little piggie eats his way through the nights-- we've started some bad habits while trying to keep him from waking his sister in the night. Poor guy's going to experience some tough love when we get home.

I'm afraid I've been terrible at taking pictures here, but i do have a couple of shots for you...

Hmmm, sorry to disappoint but I can't seem to get my pics to upload. I will try again soon!


Gassid Boys said...

Thanks for the post! I am one of the 10 who has been checking daily to see what is going on with the Schores!! I am loving the soundproof play wall! I need one of those in my house!! Miss you guys!

Heather & Scott said...

Staying in the same room as the kids is for the birds! I so feel your pain. I'm glad you've been enjoying the area and the people...but I wish you were enjoying your sleep too!! They need to take some lessons from the Sheppard TLFs! Love ya

Jennifer said...

Good to hear that things are going so well for you guys! :) I'll never understand how some people can sleep with their kids -- I definitely do not enjoy it. But it's good to hear that you are getting out to enjoy the fun stuff in Montgomery! I love that coffee shop! Did you happen to sneak away for a pedicure next door? ;)