Sunday, May 4, 2008

A few pictures

Here are the few pics I tried to upload earlier...I'll post some more soon. These are from the beginning of our trip...I can tell because despite frequent applications of sunscreen, now Alex is looking like a brown little Indian.


Jennifer said...

It's nice to see that lodging still has the same bedspread. And you should check the weight limit on that swing -- surely Derek's too heavy for it! Ha ha ha!! :) Alex is looking so grown up in those pictures. It's so amazing! I really do hope that we get to see you guys one day because I know that Kaci and Alex would have soooo much fun together!

Jen McD said...

Actually, I have been checking your blog! Good to see that you are all staying busy. Can't wait for you to return to fun-filled M.H.

Nicole said...

Erin - you crack me up! Good luck w/ those 10 minute naps!