Saturday, April 5, 2008

Derek is a non-stop drooler these days. Today alone he went through 6 bibs! So in an effort to save some laundry time, I bought some more to add to our collection. Alex decided to give them a test run...all 7 of them.
The other day, we had one of those "need to get out of the house NOW" moments, so we threw on some hats and jackets over the pj's and headed out to the backyard. It's amazing what a little outdoor time can do! I didn't have to ring their little necks after all :)
Derek still falls backwards from time to time, so his sweet sissy is sitting behind to catch just in case.
Who knew? Hours of fun with just some soap and water. I eventually had to force her to stop, but she loved washing her tea party plates and cups. Do you notice that in a lot of our pictures Alex is a little....casual? She's finally able to climb onto the potty by herself, so we're making it easier for her to get her underoo's up and down. Pants are overrated anyway!

Well Grandma has come and gone. The kids were sad that the spoiling was coming to an end, so they hopped in her suitcase to try to sneak away with her. They really do look distraught, don't they?
I lifted Alex's spirits with some play-doh. Sorry that you were replaced so easily Boppa, what can I say? She's a heartless little thing.
Here is Alex wearing Daddy's old flight cap. This incidentally is also how I spent my last months in the Air Force...talking on the phone and picking my nose. Hee Hee :)
Can't leave Derek out! What a big nugget you have little man.


Jennifer said...

It's wonderful to see that Alex is following in your footsteps! :)

Heather & Scott said...

I love the picture of Alex with her finger up her nose...definitely one to show to her boyfriend someday =)