Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Riding in Style

Alex has now gotten over her fear of the Dora bike. The first time she sat on it, she hit the foot pedal by accident and it took off. It's taken her about 9 months to recover from that traumatic experience, but she loves to ride now. Here she is with Cole and Brad McDaniel taking a spin.

Well my first attempt at braiding her hair turned out about as good as my attempt to photograph it.
She loves to do anything with Derek...help him drink, bring him bibs, get him up from naps...anything at all. She's a sweetie.


McDaniel Family said...

It looks as if they all enjoyed themselves on the 4wheeler, shared, and no cries!!! Sometimes it's more fun to look at the pictures ;-)

Heather & Scott said...

I LOVE the braids!!! She looks adorable!!!!