Friday, January 24, 2014


Every time I open my blog I think to myself that I should change the pictures on the header because they are really old.
And then I go about my posting business and promptly forget about it.
Until the next time I open the blog.

January is flying by. I have a strong suspicion that all of the months between now and July are going to do the same. I just want to enjoy the time we have left here and not think too much about the next move, but there's so much planning involved in relocating overseas that it's not very practical.

It's been life as usual for us-- school for the kiddos and Josh, and whatever it is that I do.

(Hint-- it's not a lot.)

Cafes, shopping, having a maid. I should be on Real Housewives of Madrid.
It's a shame it can't last, but a year and a half is a good run. I feel like now I can sympathize more with rich, lazy people. A group that desperately needs sympathy, no?

We've had a lot of opportunities to hang out with Spanish friends lately, which is good for practicing language and learning more about what life is really like for Spaniards. We spent New Year's Eve with some friends who have a little girl in Derek's class. In Spain, it's tradition to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight for good luck in the new year. I thought it sounded easy until I tried it. Turns out that eating a grape a second is actually quite tricky. If I have bad luck this year, it's because I started laughing and spit one out.

Today as I ran up and waved at the bus driver to let me on the number 9, I was thinking of how much more at home I feel in the city these days compared to when we first arrived. Back then, if I was running to catch a bus and the driver had already closed the doors, I would wait meekly for the next one. Now I do what everyone else does, and bang and wave like a crazy person.

I've been passing along information to the family that will come to the course next year, which is probably why I've been thinking more about what life was like when we first arrived. It doesn't feel like it could possibly be time to think about leaving. Or that when we land back in the States, it will have been a year and a half since we were last there. Time is certainly a funny thing to wrap your mind around.

Hey, it's Friday! Yippee :)
After school, we usually play in the plaza with the other kids, and tomorrow we have 2 birthday parties to attend. One is an ice-skating party with some American families, and the next is for three girls from Alex's class who are having a karaoke party.
I wonder if the moms can participate....and if they have any 90's rap songs available.

I'll let you know.

And now I must go, because I have...you guessed it...a coffee date. Arúgula on Velázquez has the best croissants, FYI. But today I'm thinking I might go with a tostada con tomate. Decisions, decisions.

Happy Weekend.


Joyce said...

Re-entry can be a little bumpy. Just fyi : ) When I lived in the UK we always told newcomers to sieze the day, moment, opportunity...it's only a season, so make the most of it.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE your Blog and look forward to your entries. I think you are a very Talented writer. You definitely "touch" my emotions. Today, once again, you made me SMILE and actually Laugh out Loud at "running for the bus". I've tried before to send comments, but don't think I've ever succeeded. I started reading you at least a couple of years ago. I was told about your blog by Maranda Curl who was in my First Grade class in 1986 ... "Curly Cues" is her Blog name. We'll see IF I'm successful today. Peggy Ganson