Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Week is Over

We are still alive.
Here is pictorial proof:

 Rainbow Bright doesn't care if it's not cool to wear a vest over short sleeves.

And Derek doesn't care if his tie is too short.
He knows he's a handsome devil anyway.

(Oh, and the weird spot on Alex's arm is a tattoo.
We decided to let her express herself.)

So last week.

It was a week. The kind you just hope to survive and don't expect to derive any pleasure from.
It pretty much fulfilled expectations.

My cold was still alive and kicking. I'm not sure I've ever had one last as long. I think my nose is now shaped differently from all of the loss of skin from the blowing and the wiping.

The car was in the shop all week, so I was taxiing folks here, there, and everywhere. We got it back on Friday, didn't drive anywhere over the weekend, and then took it to another shop on Monday. Because we like to make our lives harder than they have to be.
And because we thought she should get a tune-up before shipping her off to Spain.

The kids had half-days all week. Of course. The one week I really needed time to get things done. We had parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday. Everything seems to be good, so that's our cue to take them out of school and send them to one in a different language. 

Alex has her new retainer on her top teeth, and other than a final check-up before we leave town, she's finished with "Phase 1" of orthodontics. She's got a wider palate and less teeth, and we've got a lighter pocketbook. So that's that.

She also has great vision. And I'm not mad about that per se, I'm only mad that she didn't use her great vision when we were at the regular doctor's office the week before last.
Nope, there she said "it's too small" and received a borderline 20/40 result which necessitated a trip the eye doctor during our busiest week ever.
Aaaaaaaaand at the eye doctor's she rattled off the 20/20 line like it ain't no thang.
The difference? We told her she actually had to try this time.

Oooh, oooh! I had a dentist appointment and no cavities!
I did bribe the dentist a little, but I think I would have had no cavities anyway. I told him that I'd refer some new patients if he didn't find any sticky spots to poke with his cavity stick.

Josh passed his Spanish tests! Yea! The last portion was on Tuesday and Wednesday, so as of Wednesday afternoon, he stopped treating me like a leper and even returned to our bed.

(But he still hasn't kissed me. I think it's the lingering cough.)

He graduates tomorrow, and like the dutiful wife that I am, I will shepherd the children to the base theater for the ceremony.
Only the ceremony is at 8 am. And I have to be all dressed up.
For realz.
And there's no parking nearby, so I have to walk a ways in my high heels.
I will probably break an ankle.

But that's okay. Because do you know where I'll be in 5 days?
I will be here:

And the kids will be having fun in the kids club. And Josh and I will be at the adult pool. In the hottub.
Don't judge me, I'm sure we'll let them out of the club for a couple of hours minutes a day.

Did you know that they'll even feed them meals in the club?
Not that we wont be eating as a family of course.
But maybe once or twice or ten times...

I kid, I jest.
Kind of. 


Joyce said...

Your kids are so cute! Have a wonderful time at sea!

Taylor said...

I am jealous that
A) You know how to wear high heels
B) You are going on a fun trip.

skoots1mom said...

precious kids...enjoy your cruise!

Christina said...

Congratulations to Josh on passing his tests!! That relief must feel so great!