Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Day

Good news. I finished the last book in the Twilight series tonight, so now I can go back to my regularly scheduled programming, to include cleaning toilets and learning Spanish.

I apologize if you happened to visit me in the last 6 days and were forced to use a dirty bathroom.

Today was the big day.

My second grader and kindergartener:

Josh was a little late to class, but he wanted to be there on their first day, too.

Walking Alex to her room.

This is Derek's classroom. Fun!

I would have taken a picture of Alex's classroom, but it was a bit... utilitarian.
Her teacher is a man, so that shouldn't come as a surprise. Interior decorating probably wasn't as big a priority.

Derek was assigned to the same teacher that ran the Kinder-Camp he went to last week. Which is great, because that saved me from having to explain that Peanuts = Death equation to another person.

My little dragon hard at work.

I didn't notice until I was walking around the school that I had slipped on a pair of Josh's flip flops to go outside to take a picture of the kids, and apparently had never changed into my own shoes.

A lovely first impression, no doubt.
Hi, I'm Alexandra's mom. I don't always wear flippers out in public, only on special occasions. 


And for all you who want to know: I did not cry, I did enjoy the quiet around the house, oh...and Team Edward.


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Team Edward? Edward needs a tan something fierce.

Why can't you show us a photo of you with your mushroom hair and man shoes?

Erin said...

Why are your kids in jeans and long sleeved shirts? Isn't it a sweltering 115 everywhere?

The Henry Crew! said...

Obviously you have yet to embrace the Monterey easy-lifestyle completely that says that flip flops or Birkenstocks are not only acceptable foot attire, but are expected - suitable for school, Trader joes, or church! (A step up from MH wherein so many people feel the same about pajamas... sigh...)

And... Team Edward?? Really? I'm a bit disappointed, I must admit... ;-)

Dana said...

Big first day of school! Awesome! Hope everything went well for them and you :)

Congrats on Madrid in January (coming up so fast!) I hope I can come visit! I may be prepared to be a night or two away from my itty bitty baby Stella by then.

We are dealing with crappy day cares and constipation...how do you say that in spanish? Ha ha!