Thursday, August 30, 2012


When I'm driving to pick the kids up from school, looking to the left I see sailboats anchored in the wharf, bobbing in water that is so blue on sunny days. Straight ahead are the hills, which more often than not are covered with a thick layer of fog that doesn't look like it can exist at the same time and in the same place as the scene on the left.
The 7 minute drive to the school isn't quite enough to take it all in.
Sometimes I catch myself taking it for granted, and I try to remind myself that there are only 4 months left to enjoy it.
It looks like a setting from the movies sometimes. And I like claiming ownership of the bay, for as long as we have the privilege of being "locals."

Of course, when I park my 2002 Corolla in between the Lexus SUV and the BMW convertible in the school parking lot, I'm reminded that I'm not quite as local as some others.
But it is a Corolla Sport if that makes any difference.

I've finally gotten used to driving on the hilly streets here with a manual transmission.
But still, don't pull too close at a red light going uphill. 

We went to Back to School night yesterday. We like both of the kids' teachers a lot, but there's no denying that for all the fancy cars in the lot, California schools are a reflection of the budget crisis statewide. Classroom sizes are large, and music and art classes are nowhere to be seen.
Josh asked Alex's teacher about where she would be math-wise when we move from here, and we were disappointed to find out that she wont even begin to get past the things that we had covered with her last year. Yikes.

I've been trying to drop a few pounds lately. I decided I look better when my cheekbones are somewhat visible.
Besides, if I'm going to eat my way through Spain, I should probably start off a little lighter, no?
It's all in the planning.

Did I mention that Josh and I are going to volunteer at Awana this year? Or half of it I guess.
I'm just going to jump in without thinking about it, because if I stop to think about it I might remember that other people's kids kind of annoy me.
Well, mine annoy me, too, but I already love them. The unbreakable genetic kind of love, that can exist even when they lick their own snot or don't wash their hands after they pee.
But take that, subtract the genetic love, and mulitply it by however many small bodies I will be in charge of, and ...

Well. I'll keep you posted.

Let's wrap up the random with some pictures, shall we?

Alex-- in pain. Derek-- confused.

Alex-- in less pain, but somewhat manic, Derek-- pouting

Alex-- happy. Derek-- not.

Derek and Daddy playing superhero chutes and ladders.


Grandma said...

Remember at Awana - If a young boy freaks out in the bathroom - say "dingy, dingy"

Grandma said...

Remember at Awana - If a young boy freaks out in the bathroom - say "dingy, dingy"

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

You'll do fine with Awana. You'll get to know those other little ones and come to think of them as your own. Besides, you get to give them back at the end of the night, which is a major plus.

Taylor said...

Let's SEE SOME PICTURES of your beautiful drive.



Joyce said...

When you move a lot carpe dime is a good motto to adopt...enjoy your lovely setting and know that Spain will be an adventure too.