Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Post

It would appear that I've been on an unplanned bloggy hiatus. For some reason, I just wasn't in the mood to post lately. It starts with a lay and ends with zee.

But I've been pulled out of my blog-cation by an increase in the hate mail I've been receiving. Yep, I'm being verbally accosted for my lack of updates. Please accept my formal apology. 

We've certainly had plenty going on around here. The days just fly by.

So let's play catch-up.

You know how I said that the days fly by?
Well I'm particularly referring to the hours between 8am and 2 pm.

Alex is the student of the week, so she's had the privilege of having her teacher's chair for the entire week. She's chillaxin' in style with the cushiony, twirly chair.
She quite likes her teacher, and had nothing but terrible things to report after having a substitute on Monday. Her OCD tendencies show themselves when someone makes her deviate from her beloved routine.

Derek is, well, who knows. He enjoys school, but all he really tells me is a page-by-page review of the story they read in class. So I'm not sure what he's learning, but I can tell you all about the rabbit who got lost in the woods.
I had to keep Derek home today though, all those with a y chromosome in our family have been sick of late. Thankfully, they are on the mend now.

My baby boy turned 5 last week.
We wont discuss this any further.

Alex has her palatal expander in place now, and she's finally getting used to it. I have to turn it every night to slowly make her palate larger. She's done much better with it than I would have predicted, what with her being a drama queen and all.

Derek had blood work done a couple days ago to see if he's made any more progress on outgrowing his food allergies. Tomorrow we got in for skin testing, which he's never had before.
We're mostly just trying to get all "caught up" on health care and dental stuff before we leave the country, which in reality is just around the corner.

That brings me to:
Yeah. We don't speak it.
But I give us an A for effort.

 I'll try to do better on the blog front, but hopefully this placates some of you hate-mailers out there.  ;)


Sandy said...

Hey, A Post! Glad everything is going well for your family in Cali. A friend of mines daughter had the palate expander thingy and she is now in her second year of college, so no I'll effects there!
Enjoy your freedom 8-2!

Anonymous said...

I was about to email you too! Miss y'all.

Jen mcd

Erin said...

Road Trip? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsTqGa2gd0E

Taylor said...

Tiny infant baby boy is five now?