Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life is Good.

Busy, but good.

Now that fall is around the corner and school has begun, our days are starting to become more patterned and predicatable.
I kind of like it.

Other than the whole school bus comes at 7:13am thing.
That I could do without.
But then we have a bit of time to hang around the house before Derek and I head out to the gym. He pumps some iron while I play in the kids area.
Oh, wait.

Then we run errands or head home for lunch and naptime, and play until it's time to go pick up Alex from school.

She has dance class one afternoon a week, and both kids have started going to Awanas at a local church on Wednesday nights.
Last time, Josh was home from work during Awanas and we went out to dinner.

We're hoping for a repeat of that tonight if he's off work in time.

Derek is going to a Mother's Day Out program one morning a week, so I can run errands on my own.
Again, Ahhhhhhhh.

So life is just swimming along, and we are feeling blessed.

Oh. And hold the presses.
My kid is completely potty trained. EXCLAMATION POINT.

We've only made it through half of the original box of pull-ups I bought, and he's now in big boy undies full-time. I still put him in a diaper at night, although most mornings he wakes up dry.

Can I just get a little hallelujah?
I mean, this is such a difference from the experience we had with Alex, and I am so delighted.

No more diapers! No more swimmies! No more pull-ups!
I could totally write a song about it.

But I wont.
Consider it a favor to you.

In other news of the happy, we leave soon for our trip to the Mouse's House.

Do you know what manner of Disney World geek I am?
Allow me to tell you:
I'm a geek. A nerd. A groupie.

Call me what you will, but when I go to Disney World, I have a plan.
Actually, I have 4 plans. One for each park.
And my plans list the order we will tour as well as the best snack and meal locations.

When you reach a particular ride that has two lines, I know which one to get in that increases your odds of getting on that ride faster.
Best way to use Fastpasses? Yep, I know 'em.
Height restrictions? Check.
Want to know the best "secret locations" for a parade? Well, don't ask me cause I don't like no stinkin' parades. They get in the way of my ride plans.
But I can tell you everything else.

So I have been plugging away on the disney travel forums, lurking and watching while geeks of a higher level than I discuss which resorts have the highest-ply toilet paper.

I wish I were joking.

But I will have my fun. Mark my words.
And no children will be permitted to become ill and make me deviate from my plans.

Ahem, Derek.

So there you have it. Life is Good in the Schore house.
We are thankful, and hope Life is Good in your house too!


Joyce said...

Hallelujah : )

Taylor said...

Hallelujah! Life is good! Missed you!

Take me to with you! I want to go to DisneyWorld!!

PS-I caught up on all your posts-just didn't comment.
I know.

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

We live about an hour from the Mouse's House and go there about once a month. You may already know this, but Small World is being refurbished so it's closed for a while and depending on when you are going, Winnie the Pooh will also be closing soon. We were at Hollywood Studios on Saturday and all of the Fast Passes were given out for the day for Toy Story Mania so if you want to catch that one, you'll have to go directly first thing or you'll wait in line for an hour and a half for it. They have added Lotso Huggin' Bear to the characters at Animation Courtyard to meet. The lines weren't bad at all Saturday, in fact we didn't really wait for anything. Hope you have a great trip down!

I'm Erin. said...

Just to prove my level of geekdom, I did know all of those tips.

But I totally appreciate you sharing them in case I didn't! :)

And I'm jealous of your proximity to DW!

Jennifer said...

Yea for no diapers!! What a big boy Derek is! ;) And I'm jealous of your "date" time during Awanas. Every parent has to volunteer at our church. Oh well... ;)

Sunk Costs said...

Take ME with you! You'll be coming through south carolina anyway. Last time I was there we had dinner in the animal kingdom resort one night, and there was a guy from south carolina working the dessert station, and when he found out WE were from south carolina, he brought us a plate of fried oreos. so. pack some low cut shirts and chat up the staff.

Elaine said...

For the staying dry through the night longer, with Karmen she started refusing to put on a diaper (bc I'm too cheap to buy anything else) and we found a trick that is working. She stays most nights dry, but when she doesn't....i hate washing sheets...
anyways, we compromised. yes, myself and a barely 2 year old. We put the diaper on OVER her undies and she has been staying drier more nights in a row. The only problem is I don't wake up early in the morning like her to pee. So it never fails about 0630, I hear Oh NOOOOO. almost every morning. She can't get the diaper off hahahha.anyways, i think having the undies next to their skin, helps them learn what it will feel like, they feel the wet more and makes them feel older :)