Saturday, May 9, 2009

Meeting the Mouse, Part 2

If you're a linear thinker and you missed Part 1, feel free to scroll down there first.

"In the Schore family, it's not a vacation 'til someone goes to the ER"

If you remember our last trip to Texas, it was Josh's turn to hit up the emergency room, this time...

So we left off after a busy first day at Magic Kingdom-- Derek hadn't been feeling well and as I was putting him to bed I noticed that his respiratory rate was higher than normal. He was a little worked up and overtired so I thought that maybe getting to sleep would help calm him down. He went right to sleep and then so did the rest of us. Only, I couldn't sleep...again. I kept listening to Derek's congested breathing, and then around 12:30am decided that things weren't getting better. Even in his sleep he was still breathing rapidly and now was using his little tummy muscles to help push the air out of his lungs. We were in a bit of a predicament since we had no transportation. Disney provides a shuttle to an urgent care center, but the center was closed when we called about it. That left calling a cab as an option, but I'd been told that it can take a while to locate a cab that has a car seat and waiting around didn't seem prudent. So Derek and I took our first ever ambulance ride to the ER.
After about 5 hours in the ER and several breathing treatments later, the doctor wasn't comfortable sending him home. His oxygen levels weren't high enough without him receiving O2, and so he was going to need to be admitted to the hospital. Of course, there was no pediatric monitoring unit at the hospital we were at, so Derek and I had our second ever ambulance ride to a hospital about 30 miles away. Lights, sirens, the whole works.
We got to the hospital around 6am and were admitted to the pediatric ICU. Derek continued to receive breathing treatments and IV medications. Between the IV, the EKG leads, O2, and the oxygen monitor, my poor little guy had about a dozen lines hanging off of him, which he absolutely hated. As the day wore on he started to feel better, and to my pleasant surprise we were able to be discharged later that evening.
Basically Derek had an episode of reactive airway, which he is at higher risk for due to his allergy history. The doctor thinks that all of the pollens circulating in Florida at the time are partly to blame. We went back to the hotel armed with a breathing treatment machine and other medications to give him. By the time I went to sleep that night, I had been awake for about 36 hours, and thought that I might just go ahead and die.
Meanwhile, I'd convinced Josh to stay at Disney and give Alex a fun day at Animal Kingdom. There wasn't much space in Derek's hospital room, and there's really nothing he could have done there to help. Since I didn't have the camera with me, today you will get some pictures of their day at the park. Much better than pictures of a sick baby and a dirty, tired mommy who really wished that she had brought a toothbrush along on their "adventure."

Alex playing the drums on the streets of Africa. By the way, I'd packed Alex a number of matching outfits for the trip-- this was not one of them, but I still think Daddy did a great job with single parent duty.

By the tree of life

On her favorite "Rhinoceros" ride. (Actually called Triceratops Spin)

In front of the Dinosaur ride...and no, she did not go on it. Scary!

Here's Derek back at home getting his last breathing treatment.

So that was our grand adventure of the vacation...and thankfully the rest of the trip was decidedly more uneventful.
Next up, more park fun!


Heather and Scott said...

Oh my! How scary!! I can just see you and Josh awake and trying to figure out what to do next...I'm glad you opted for the ambulance ride (did it scare Derek?). Is he still on breathing treatments? Love you guys!!

Dana said...

Oh my goodness! What a vacation for you :(
I am glad that Derek is improving, poor little guy. You know, you didn't have to pay to go all the way to Disney to get an ambulance ride!!
Try and enjoy the time you have left there,

Audrey said...

Wow, you all just can't have a normal day, can you? I'm so glad that was just a glitch in the plans and you still had fun. Poor Derek...He is just such a trooper!!

Jennifer said...

Girl! Aren't you glad that you're a nurse!! I certainly am! Glad it all worked out though and that you're back home safe and sound. Next time you go on vacation... DON'T!! ;)

Rachel said...

He looks so darn pitiful in that picture. I'm glad it's all okay but remind me to stay away from you guys on vacation, you are bad juujuu....but you're fun too!

Keith McDaniel said...

No camera or toothbrush as your jumping into the ambulance? I guess we'll forgive you ;-)