Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meeting the Mouse, part one

In this edition, I will inform you that we took a momentary lapse from sanity and decided to take the kids on a trip to Disney World. My mom and Mark met us there; a decision they likely regretted about an hour into the "vacation." There were good times, laughter, tears, and more calories ingested than I care to admit, but actual relaxation was not on the menu.
The plane ride out was a good indicator that we might need a vacation after our vacation.
Do you know how far Orlando is from Idaho? Well, actual flying time was 5.5 hours total, in two legs. And while that doesn't sound bad, I have to let you know that our children are completely and utterly unable to sleep in a place that is not a bed. I see children napping in strollers, cars, airplanes, parents' laps and I wonder if their parents know how lucky they are? While they settle in for the plane ride anticipating a nice nap, we brace ourselves for the constant fidgeting, whining, begging to get down, needing a snack, spilling of drinks, dropping of toys, kicking of seats, and other incredibly annoying behaviour sure to plague our row. Alex is actually much easier to entertain these days, but Derek is such a little monster that we have to drug medicinally assist him to sleep. Which we did.
Anyway, we eventually arrived in one piece and settled into our Disney hotel. It was quite nice, and the beds were comfy, but for some reason I was totally unable to get to sleep that first night. I probably squeezed in a couple of hours total during the night. Nevertheless, the next day we were off to the Magic Kingdom. Let the fun begin!

Here are the four of us on Main Street.
Alex's first time behind the wheel
Meeting Belle.
Alex's favorite princess, Ariel. She told all of the princesses she met that Grandma (Schore)had made her Snow White dress. She looked so cute! Too bad she didn't have it on the day she actually met Snow White.
So day number one in the parks ended successfully, except that the little man was not feeling very well.
Stay tuned for the next edition titled: "In the Schore family, it's not a vacation 'til someone goes to the Emergency Room."


Jennifer said...

I've wondered where you went... Sounds like Disney was fun :) Exactly why I think we'll wait a bit to go, although it's very tempting to take Kaci for her 5th birthday... Anxiously awaiting your next posting!

Nicole said...

You at least look happy in the main street photo! Soon enough you'll forget the headaches and will laugh at the awesome 'story'...I'm holding out for part two.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! I hope that your "to be continued" isn't that bad! Although, I have to admit, you've kind of created the blog version of a clif-hanger here!

Keith McDaniel said...

yea for a fun day!

Heather and Scott said...

Oh my, I'm waiting for the story there! We know what happened on the last vacation...who was it this time??