Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soup Nazi

This post has nothing to do with gazpacho or the getsapo.
 But I couldn't think of a post title, and for some reason that old Seinfeld episode popped into my head.

I'm so weird.

I'm also procrastinating. I should be packing.

I'll miss you when I'm gone inter-peeps. Disney resorts don't have wi-fi.
Can you believe that?
They make Mickey Mouse come to life, but they can't get you internet?

Well, we could pay for a wired connection.
But we wont.
Besides, it will be much more vacation-y to be web free for a week, don't you think?

So if anything important happens, you'll have to call Disney world and ask to be connected to me. I'll be in the funnel-cake place in Magic Kingdom for most of the trip, so try me there first.

Or you can call my cell.
Either one. 

And now I'm going to go pack.

I shall leave you with the obligatory video-post-for-the-grandparents.

Alex learned her first verse for Awanas, and she wanted to show everyone. And since everyone (who's anyone) reads my blog... ;)

Not to be outdone, Derek wanted to sing the song from his class...

Worry not. I am aware of Derek's butt-crack hair part. We'll be headed to the barber later today.

That is all.
Goodbye forever (or for a week).


melicity said...

Love. Your. Blog.

Enjoy the funnel cakes and the mouse. Even better if you can get a funnel cake shaped like a mouse.

That is all.


Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Your kids are adorable. I hope you all have a fantabulous time at Disney. The weather isn't 100 degrees anymore and it's starting to feel nice, for Florida anyway. We might even go to the Magic Kingdom on Saturday. Be safe and have a magical trip!

I'm Erin. said...

A mouse-shaped funnel cake?
Oh Melicity. Now I'm on a mission.

And you, P31W (which is super cool shorthand for I don't believe I know your real first name), you and your proximity to the mouse house is jealousy-inducing.
If we were getting in at a decent time on Saturday I would totally make you meet me there.
But have your fun, and tell the folks at Sleepy Hollow to get the fryers ready...Erin is coming.

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Erin, my name is Rachael but I do like your super cool shorthand also! I guess I'll have to go test out the funnel cakes before you get there for quality control. After all, I wouldn't want you to come all this way and be disappointed! ;)

Joyce said...

Have loads of fun! It's Disney World so it shouldn't be too hard.

Taylor said...

Take me with you.

Have fun!! My kids started up Awanas for the year again last night-first time for Handsome Dude! He tells everyone we need to be quiet so he can read his Bible Study. :)

Teresa Dawn said...

Totally wish I was going to Disney! I'd love to just fly down to California and go to Disneyland again even if it was just for the weekend or so, but I let my passport expire so I can't get into the USA right now. Ah well.

Laura said...

Nice picture! No tree growing out of your head this time! ha...have fun, we'll miss you in D-Land this week!!

Jennifer said...

Oh I love both of these videos!! :)

NF - C&T said...

Adorable videos. Congrats on the weight loss! You rock and now I want to try the cantelope cottage cheese thing.