Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Allergy Saga

Many of you know that the little guy has had some allergy issues since he was a newborn. It started with bloody poops & eczema and required lots of dietary eliminations on my part so that the offending proteins wouldn't be passed to him through my breastmilk.
We've been waiting until his first birthday to do a "milk challenge" in the doctor's office to see if he had outgrown this problem. That appointment was yesterday and I'm sad to report that things did not go well. Moments after drinking less than half an ounce of milk, Derek broke out in hives all over, became congested, vomited, and was inconsolable for what felt like forever. It took 3 doses of Benadryl to get his reaction under control and we were in the doctor's office for several hours waiting for him to recover. So needless to say, he is very allergic to milk even in small doses. We're waiting on lab results now to find out if there are any other allergies he may have. The results will help us decide how to proceed with weaning him from the breast. If soy is an option then we can start the transition to soy milk, however if he is allergic to soy then I will have to continue nursing him until his diet can supplement the amount of fat and protein he needs (rice milk does not have enough of either).
So that is where we stand now; I would appreciate your prayers as we wait for the results. We're praying that he will have no other allergies at all. We're now the proud owners of an epinephrine injection for emergencies as well as a hefty dose of paranoia on my part that milk is lurking everywhere. Alex is getting a crash course in what is no longer okay to carry around the house (her milk cups, cheese, "go-gurts," etc.)
But lest I be too much of a downer, we know that many families deal with more serious things than food allergies and we are grateful to have such a happy and sweet son. Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers for his upcoming lab results!

How could I not be totally in love with this kid?! Check him out as he struggles to stand up with no help from his sister, then when he sees me he does everything he can to get over to me. I'm his favorite person and I love it! :)


Jennifer said...

I think that having a milk allergy has got to be one of the worst to deal with... Sorry that Derek had to join the Epi-Pen Jr club. Kaci's a part of it for her peanut allergy... Bummer!! I'm praying for you to get some positive news from the allergy tests. Keep me posted!

Annie (laughterqueen) said...

I'd been wondering how the allergy situation was working out. Gosh that makes me so sad he had such a horrible reaction. :( Poor little guy...and poor MOMMY! Gosh I'm sure that was seriously so scary! I love the sweet video of him and how excited he is to be with his Mommy...awwww!

Heather and Scott said...

Oh my... I'm so glad that you did the Milk Challenge in the doctor's office. Was Alex with you too? I'm sure it was so stressful. You have been such a wonderful mommy to take ALL milk products out of your diet so that Derek can continue to breastfeed. You are amazing, Erin! I love you!

Jen McD said...

Erin, You are such a sweet sweet example of what a mommy is willing to do (or not eat) for the sole benefit of her child. He is a lucky man. I will be praying for you all. And, sigh... is there nothing better than a mama's boy?!?! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Heather Campbells, because "Allergy Saga" caught my eye as we just added peanuts to our list, along with eggs. I felt like I wrote your post as I read it. I was bummed to join the epi-pen club and hate the fearful thoughts of what a peanut allergy mean. Just thought I'd share two websites that might be helpful... www.allergykids.com and www.notmilk.com. Good Luck!
~Kristin (SummersHaven) ;-)

Audrey said...

I'm so sorry Erin! And news like this is always harder to take alone with your husband gone. You have been such an example of self sacrifice, giving up ALL dairy products for your sweet baby. I am praying for no further allergies. Love and miss you all. How much longer til Josh gets home?

Rachel said...

Just joined the blog world but have been reading Annie's and thus found yours. I'm so sorry about Derek. I am really pulling for you guys to have nothing but milk and even more pulling for him to grow out of this one...that can happen, right?

The Stevens Family said...

Oh, Erin! That must have been really scary! I had a milk allergy as a baby...I seriously doubt my parents had access to epi pens back then...just prayers. Praise God I grew out of it because I LOVE milk! Will be praying that all the other tests come back good.

Gassid Boys said...

So sorry about the allergy!!! We will be praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let us know when you get the results!