Sunday, August 17, 2008

Derek Joshua

Hi Friends,
I know it's been a while since I've posted; we've been on a trip to Michigan enjoying time with family. I'll be playing catch-up over the next week or so to fill you in on all the fun we had.
While we were in Michigan, Derek turned one year old! It's hard to believe that his first year is over. He is such a sweetheart, and so very kissable too :)

He's turning into such a mellow little guy. He loves to play and explore on his own. Here he is just chillin' in the stroller at the pool. Don't let that look fool you-- he can splash with the best of 'em!

Four days before his birthday, Derek finally decided he would eat something other than baby food. We were at my sister's house and I gave him a cracker just to see what he would do. He surprised me by sucking down the whole thing! Before this he wouldn't even tolerate the baby food with soft chunks in it. A week later he is now enjoying Cheerios and baby puffs. There's hope for him yet! He's cute even when he's crying!
Here's the future rock star with a birthday gift (despite what you hear in the background, no siblings were injured in the filming of this clip)

And see how fast he's getting...still on all 4's these days


Annie (laughterqueen) said...

Oh my gosh Erin, Derek is so precious!! I just love his perfectly face and that adorable smile!!! What a sweetie! HAPPY 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY to him!!!

Jen McD said...

Happy Birthday Derek!! I think it should be a baby law that years aren't allowed to go by so quickly. So happy you are home and we'll see you soon!!

Jennifer said...

He's too cute! Both of your kids are so cute -- how's that happen? He he he!! So do you not believe in putting both pairs of socks on your son? :)