Sunday, June 22, 2008


That crazy kid is always working himself into odd positions One last picture with Dana before taking her to the airport

Here is a clip of Alex dancing at the Tops in Blue concert

Ignore the scratch on his forehead & squash on his face and focus on that tiny white thing coming from his bottom gum. Finally, at 10 months, a tooth has poked through! It's partner is following closely behind.(You may have to click onthe picture to make it bigger)

Here is the scene at the market in Boise. They sell fresh flowers, fruits & veggies, breads, and miscellaneous art work. It was neat to see, but difficult to navigate the crowds with the stroller. Next time we're wearing bathing suits to play in the fountain with all of the kids!

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Patricia said...

Alex is going to love dancing at Aunt Jessie's wedding, after of course she gets done "throwing flowers on the ground."