Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now We're Moving!

Well he's not breaking any land speed records yet, but after 10 months of careful consideration Derek has decided to crawl. Mommy liked him better immobile ;)


Anonymous said...

I CAN"t believe it!! Derek, I take the time out of my tremendously busy schedule of unemployment to visit you, and this is how you treat me? You had me holding my breath in anticipation for 8 days, and all you could show me was your 1st tooth? I see how it is... I hope those crayons make you happier than I do... Love ya! Dana :)

mikeandmelissafisher said...

"Yeah Mom, I crawled, now look away so I can eat these crayons."

At least that's what Preston would be saying :)

Jennifer said...

Now you're in trouble!!! Good luck! :)

Nicole said...

Wow him crawling makes me realize how much of a little tank he is! Why is Dana "anonymous"...you'd think she could take take out of her busy weekend in a luxory house to sign up on this blog properly(now I"m hoping mine doesn't say anonymous too ;0)

The Stevens Family said...

Oh girl!! I feel for you...that's when Colt became a troublemaker...as soon as he could crawl. Good luck!

Gassid Boys said...

He is so cute!!! I love watching all of your videos! Miss you!