Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Mommy Moment

Since having children, I realized that I have had many "mommy moments"-- something I said/did/thought that seemed reasonable at the time, however is actually insane. For your enjoyment, I will share such a moment with you.
Mommy Moment, Episode 1
In this episode, Erin hopes that her breath smells like poop.
The episode starts at 0530 this morning, when Derek was eating the early-bird special and decided to poop as well. This isn't my favorite thing because then I have to turn on lights and wake both of us up more than we have to be to do the changing. But it has to be done, so... fast forward to 0800 when he wakes up for the day. Yuck, smells like poop in his room. So I change him again. Then I feed him, and he poops again. Come on kid, can't you get it all out at one time? Then I get in the shower. Alex is watching her morning show and Derek is sitting in the bathroom in his bouncy seat. I get out of the shower and I swear I smell more poop. This is when the mommy moment happens. I think to myself, maybe he didn't really poop again, I haven't brushed my teeth yet maybe it's just my breath.
There you have it-- I wished that my breath smelled like poop. Insane, isn't it?
By the way, it wasn't my breath.


Heather & Scott said...

You crack me up!!! In college, we used to tell each other not to get too close b/c we swore we just ate a poop sandwich by the way our breath smelled.

mikeandmelissafisher said...

DYING from laughing so much! And it took me a moment to get the "left or right" comment in the other post, but way too funny once my brain caught up :)

Jennifer said...

That's hilarious!! I'm glad all moms lose their minds :) I was afraid it was an "age" thing...