Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Alex's turn

Since Derek was getting all the video clips on the blog I had to try to make things even. So here is Alex with some random conversation.

Alex is into pretending these days. Every day she tells us which character she is for that day, and the rest of us too. This week she has been Tyrone, Mommy is Pablo, Daddy is Austin, and poor Derek has to be Tasha. (These are all Backyardigans) She's very serious about her character and wont answer to Alex. She'll ask when Austin is coming back from work and tell me to change Tasha's pants. It's funny!


Heather & Scott said...

She is too cute...wish I could be in her pretend Barkyardigans! What a sweetheart

Nicole said...

Erin...umm there is NO doubt in my mind where Alex gets her creativity from. Speaking of creativity, it's April 1st, wish I had some friends to change all the clocks back an hour and put an egg under my pillow :)