Saturday, April 23, 2016


I know you have all been on edge waiting for me to break the big news. And the wait is over!

As it turns out, coach pitch baseball at Osan Air Base uses soft-core baseballs!

Whew! We can all take a collective sigh of relief that Derek is in less danger of a ball related injury than I previously thought.

I'm sorry I left you all hanging so long, I know you were concerned.

Oh, and in other news, we're moving to Texas!


A mere 37 days after we expected to get our assignment, the personnel people have taken pity on us and have, well, actually given us our assignment.
This is a good development, because I had already gone through the 5 stages of grief.

Denial-- What do you mean we don't have an assignment? This cannot be true.
Anger-- This is my life you're messing with people! Work some dang overtime.
Bargaining-- I will send you some kimchi or a mink blanket or whatever else you want from Korea if you will just tell me where I'm moving.
Depression-- This set in after everyone else on God's green earth had received their assignment and we were still waiting
Acceptance-- Eh, not sure I ever made it to this phase. I just kept cycling back to anger.

And now that we have our assignment, I can safely say I was probably overreacting. Thanks for bearing with me.

So we are headed to Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio-- which is a part of Texas that I quite like. We are excited to be living in a big city that offers lots to do and delicious Mexican food. And hopefully, lots of opportunity to practice our Spanish skillz!

Speaking of Spanish, I mentioned before that Josh was out of town for a few weeks. I did not, however, mention that he is in my second favorite country in the whole world. That's right, I have been left behind in Korea while he eats tapas, drinks wine, and practices the siesta in EspaƱa! I am jealous as all get out very happy for him.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the first weekend he was gone it rained and we were cooped up inside. I told myself we would not spend another Saturday in the apartment all day, and today this happened:

Thanks for nothing, China. Way to send all your pollution particles our way and keep us indoors again.

But at least I had plenty of internetting to keep me busy! After all, now is when the real work begins. Decisions about housing, schools, activities, where to find homemade tortillas. All important things!

Also, I had to make this elephant. Because we needed indoor activities and apparently play-doh is only fun if mom plays, too. In honor of our news, I gave him a cowboy hat and boots.

After my elephant, I made something else and got lectured by my 10 year old for mixing the colors.

"Ugh, mom. I thought once Derek was old enough not to mix the colors that we could finally keep the play doh nice."


Also, did I mention that we're supposed to arrive to Texas in 2 months and 4 days? That's like, no time at all. When we hop on a plane out of here, it will only have been about 10 months since the kids and I arrived. I'm not even sure I've fully recovered from that flight out.

But the good news is this will wrap up the 5-Moves-in-5-Years adventure!

2012- North Carolina to California
2013- California to Spain
2014- Spain to Alabama
2015- Alabama to Korea
2016- Korea to Texas

That list is responsible for some gray hair. We are looking forward to seeing how long we can stay put in this new location! Come visit us in San Antonio!

But maybe wait 'til we have a place to live, mmkay?


Carrie McCoy said...

I have not looked at your blog in forever! Sheesh! So I am playing catch-up! Hooray for coming back to the states and being able to have Mexican food once again. Five moves in five years is impressive! We've done about four but now I can say we are staying put. I am adding your blog to my blog list so I can read it more. ;-) I'm not sure why I didn't have it there already. Miss ya, friend!

I'm Erin. said...

Gosh Carrie, I can't imagine why you haven't been keeping up with the blogging world. I mean, it's not like you have SEVEN CHILDREN or anything;) Love keeping up with your sweet family via FB!