Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rumor has it

...that this might be the last night we spend wondering where we'll be living for the next few years.

Which would be nice, because as it gets closer to the time that assignments should be released, I find it gets harder and harder to stop thinking about it.

What will we do for the kids' schooling next year? Alex wants to take gymnastics-- will there be a place for that near our next base? Should I buy that heavy winter coat that's on sale for Derek, or will we be living in a warm climate?

See! Daily life is full of reminders that I don't know where we're moving to in July. And so, if the Great Big Air Force in the Sky would like to pass along that info, I am ready to receive it.

Maybe. I think.

Because what if it's some terrible place to which I don't want to move? Then maybe ignorance is bliss.

Life is so complicated. ;)

So other than that tiny detail hanging about in the back of my mind, it's life as usual. Oh, and it's warming up! Yea!

I've had a two-week long passionate affair with Netflix, as the base has been running an exercise that had Josh getting up at 3-something each morning and going to bed at 8pm. What else is a gal to do when she's all alone for 4 hours each night?

Unfortunately, we can only get the Korean version of Netflix which I must say does not offer as robust a selection as the American one. Yes, yes. First world problems.

Here are three photos from my phone so that this post doesn't seem as short as it actually is.

The kids on the street by our church.

Streets in Korea are synonymous with parking lots.
And sidewalks are synonymous with both streets and parking lots.
And to drive here is to experience road rage.

Here's Alex's cheerleading squad at practice.

It's been nice for her to have some other girls to hang with.

This guy is still a mama's boy. He loves his mama, and he loves bacon burgers from the bowling alley.

And I love him!

Alright, I'm off to bed in hopes of waking up tomorrow to some news.
And if we don't get any news tomorrow, do you know what I am going to do?!?

That's right.

I'm going to wait until the next day.

Repeat, as needed.


Joyce said...

I hope it's somewhere fabulous! And somewhere you don't need a parka : )

Unknown said...

I've been reading your blog periodically for a few years now, but never posted a comment. I just found my way back here tonight, as my husband (who flies jets, and is in the summer VML) sleeps and I obsessively trawl the Internet for news that someone, anywhere, has gotten their assignment yet! This is the first time we've truly had a "surprise" assignment, and even though I don't particularly care where we are assigned (I spent a month at Kunsan this summer, just to see what the reputedly "worst" assignment might look like--and I actually kind of liked it), still I am surprised how much the wait is wearing on me. It sort of feels like I am living nowhere right now... Anyway, I hope we all find out soon!

I'm Erin. said...

here's hoping! I can confirm for you that some people definitely have assignments, apparently we're just not among them ;)

Unknown said...

I heard that matches have been made, and some commanders know... But same here, I don't know anyone who has gotten word. I sheepishly asked my husband to bring the CAC reader home from work tomorrow night, in case he gets notified after hours. Is that pathetic? Probably. But didn't stop me from asking.