Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And that's why they call them rumors.

Remember last week when I pretty much said we'd get our assignment the next day?

Yeah, I was wrong about that.

And every day since then, when I've thought that surely we'd get our assignment the next day? Yep, wrong again. And again.

And again.

A short list of things I am fairly certain of:

1) In 3-ish months, we'll be moving to a new continent.

Consider yourself up-to-date.

ps. Josh has been in the Air Force for almost 15 years.
One might assume we'd be accustomed to this waiting process to find out what comes next.
One would be mistaken.
I find it draining.
Here's hoping we'll have some news...sometime.


Unknown said...

Down at my husband's rank, I know that a bunch of folks and different Ops squadrons have found out by now, and all are headed to Korea (mostly Kunsan)--except the current Kunsan folks. Maybe they are waiting to see who--after that news-- 7-day-opts, before taking stock of who and what is left? For more senior pilots, I think a handful of F-16 assignments have come down to various places. No news of F-15s from here. Good luck keeping your mind on other things!

Shannon said...

Good luck!! I am new to the military life and we wont be moving for another couple years but watching friends wait and wonder and think they know where they're headed only to find out the next day that was just a rumor and actually they're going to the complete opposite station that they didn't even know was a possibility... yeah patience is hard...Love that you handle it with humor. Excited to read (eventually) where you're headed