Friday, March 21, 2014



I was uploading photos to the blog (that you've already seen if you're my facebook friend. Which, face it ((pun intended)), everyone should be. As long as you don't post pictures of normal food like grilled cheese, or constantly talk about how terrible your life is, or leave vague comments that scream *desperately seeking attention*) but they got all out of order (the photos, sheesh! Keep up!) and now I'm just going to give you whiplash talking about them.

So there.

On Saturday past, we had an open house for Alex's class. There are three third grade classes, and the suckers in one group had to be there at 9. We got noon.


#truth= I don't understand the # crap. So when I use it, know that I'm mostly making fun of other people. And myself for not being #saavy

Here, in our random gallery of photos, is a shot of the staircase in the kids' school. Note, this staircase only takes you from the level of the front entrance and upward. There is yet another huge staircase that will take you down from the entry level.

This is how they make city schools work when you can't spread out. They don't have a playground either, but have several patios, one on the roof, that the kids can play in and get fresh air and sun. Or rain, perhaps. Possibly bird poo.

After the open house, we hopped on a bus to a plaza we hadn't seen yet. Found a little park, and a pretty tree. Spring, holla!

This was on the way to the open house. See how out of order we are?
Just waiting for the metro.

Back to the plaza, we found 2 of Derek's towers. You see, he had a field trip last year in which he rode around town on a bus checking off different types of architecture. Ever since then, all of the towers in the city are technically his.

After the open house, but before the plaza we had palmeras and torrija in the Uvepan around the corner from the school. Palmeras are the pastry the kids are eating-- they come plain or with white or regular chocolate. Torrija is only available in the spring, and Josh enjoys it. So we got it.

Back to the school.
The kids demonstrated their math skillz with their numerators. Whatever that is.
Don Fran teaches math and lengua (Spanish), and wears a suit every day.

ps the boy on Alex's right is José Luis de la Fuente Martínez.

We popped into Derek's classroom for a picture.
This is where all the magic happens.

Which is also what I say when I give people a tour of our house and we get to the master bedroom.

Beer Bike. You can rent this puppy and take it for a ride up Castellano and back down Serrano.
It seems...dangerous. Not only are it's riders getting toasted along the way and have nothing to actually keep them on the seats, but the busses and cabs don't care a lick and drive past them at full speed.

Where do I sign up?

Wait. I forgot that I don't like beer.

The city has a myriad of little parks in the medians of big streets.

And that was our #Saturday. On Sunday we drove a couple of hours to a town called Cuenca. It was another beautiful day, and will have to wait for another beautiful post.

Yes, my posts are beautiful.



Anonymous said...

I am just glad you posted....every time I saw the "Cool Ranch Dorito" title, I got hungry for chips! In other news, there is a beer bike thing in downtown Indianapolis. I don't like beer either. Lastly, I am jealous that it is spring there b/c spring has apparently been cancelled in the midwest for this year.


Maranda said...

Have your see jimmy Fallon and Justin timberlake's bit on hashtags? Thought you might appreciate in light of your #feelings about #hashtags.


I'm Erin. said...

Yes, Maranda! We may even be guilty of making the sign and saying "hashtag 'whatever'" during normal conversation.

Me: I'm going to go put Derek to bed. Hashtag mommytime.

Josh: I'm pretty sure all the hours between 9 and 5 are hashtag mommytime. Hashtag spoiledwife.