Monday, February 17, 2014

Sin título


Let's talk about the weekend, shall we?

On Friday afternoon, which also was the Día de San Valentín, we had a parent-teacher conference with Derek's teacher. She confirmed that he is the most fantastic boy in the universe, and then we had an hour and a half to kill before pickup time.

So we headed over to Copas Rotas for some cheap wine and tapas.

This guy was my blurry date.

He wasn't blurry in real life.

Well, until the third copa.

(I'm kidding Mom. Stop planning my intervention.)

And my hair is a hot mess. I want to say it was windy.
I'm not sure if it really was, but I want to say it anyway.

That was the extent of our Valentine's Day celebrating.

On Saturday it was rainy and we stayed in. Alex took a lot of pictures with her camera.
This one troubles me.
New Rule: If you're still wearing footie jammies, then your hip should not do this:

On Sunday, Derek had an ice-skating birthday party for which he had been counting down the days. There was much excitment.

Although this picture doesn't necessarily show it.

Derek and María are good friends. She used to be Derek's mouthpiece in school-- if he needed anything, was injured or sick, had a question, etc., María would speak for him. She's a little mama.
Now his teacher has to ask him to stop talking.

His amigos helping him skate. How cute is this?

And now a new week is here.

Monday morning metro.

After drop-off, I had a coffee and a donut. Because it's Monday.

And I had to take pictures, because I only have 4 months left to take pictures of everything. And I mean everything.

Good Morning, Atocha!

Hello Cibeles!

Top of the Morning to you, City Hall.

I even took a picture on the bus.

And now I'm home.


Anonymous said...

I was a little late but Grandma Cindy insisted that the kids have some hearts for V day. Should be there soon


one of us said...

4 months!!! :(

Joyce said...

You'll be glad you have the bus photo : ) Enjoy everything!