Sunday, June 2, 2013

This is the way we go to school, go to school, go to school...

I thought it might be fun to document our daily trek to the kids' school, so I brought my camera along on Friday morning. 
Here we go!

Out our front door, and into the elevator. 

Down we go.

And out the front door of the building.

Two blocks this way. We pass many of the same people every morning on their way to work and school.

They race to the sunny spot at the end of the street.

Hang a right. See the dogs on the left? We pass them every day. We judge how early or late we are by where we are when we pass them. Usually we see them near our block, so we were running early this day.

One block this way.
Almost to the Metro.


Now, down two flights of stairs, and into the station.

Thru the turnstyles

And down the hall.

 Hurry down the stairs, because we can hear the train coming...

No time to look for an emptier car before the doors close, so we just push our way on.

3 stops on the red line, and hop off at Sol.

It's a big, busy station. Walk over to the blue line.

Down the steps because the escalator is out of order.

Good timing today, the train is pulling in as we arrive. 

Two stops on the blue line.

And off we go at the stop nearest the school.

Here is where I take a deep breath and gird my loins for the stairs. 
To get out of the station there are:



(Catch breath here)
 Out the turnstyles



 And Ohmyword it's the fourth that almost kills me.

The never ending staircase. It's the reason my butt hasn't ballooned to twice it's normal size once I discovered the super oferta of a doughnut and coffee for 1.50 Euro at the Dunkin Coffee on the way home from dropoff. 

But wait! We're not there yet. 

Emerge from the underground.

And head down the hill (Praise the Lord! I'd never make it up a hill)

Catch a glance down a side street of a man carrying no less than five beheaded pig carcasses.
Take a photo.

Getting closer.

Hang a right.

Quick left.

And we did it.

Por Fin!

Kisses and Hugs and all that jazz. 

Thankfully the trek home is a little less involved, as we just walk a little under half a mile to the bus stop, and it drops us off very close to our building. 
All in all, the morning route takes about 20-25 minutes depending on our timing with the trains.

Holla, city life.



Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

That was the best argument for homeschooling EVER.

Sandy said...

I am tired just reading about that journey! I think I might consider just sitting outside and waiting for them instead of traipsing back and forth again...although, if a doughnut were involved it might not be so bad!!! What on earth do you do if it rains?

Skoots1moM said...

you made me tired...hahahahah!

I'm Erin. said...

Sandy, rainy days are the worst! Thankfully it's never been an all-out downpour during that time.
And it's a full 8 hours until I have to be back at the school, so it doesn't feel like a quick turn around. But my babies are gone for 8 hours! Too long!

Grandma said...

Stairs. Many, many stairs.

I'm Erin. said...

Not to worry Ptb, we wont have to make that trip when you're here. And they do have elevators in some spots.
And we can take the bus more often.

But bring your walking shoes!

Jennifer said...

That was so neat! You deserve the doughnut! Your trek reminds me of how life is in Japan (in the city) :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a hike! But, a great adventure everyday. Loved you providing the visual of your morning trek.

Seems like you get plenty of exercise just getting your littles to school

Your apt looks lovely!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea you had to go through all that twice a day! No wonder everybody is skinny. Great way to exercise without going to the gym. That's a real workout. I think maybe you need a maid. Oh wait, you have one! :). Love you honey! Mama

Christina said...

I couldn't help but think that maybe you swung by near Taylor's place? ;)
A fun look at your morning journey. :)

Joyce said...

You'll be so glad you have it documented with photos one day down the road. I know all the commuting is exhausting, but what a fun experience! The walking and the stairs are why Europeans can live on cream, custard, and bread : )

Taylor said...

That is insane! And the pigs! THE PIGS!