Friday, June 7, 2013


We are heading out tomorrow to enjoy a beach vacation on the Mediterranean coast. We're spending a couple of nights in Valencia, and then a few more in a town a little farther south. Looking forward to our getaway!
Who knows? Maybe I'll even get behind the wheel again on our trip. I haven't driven in months.

- My monthly metro pass expired last weekend, and I didn't want to renew it since we're going out of town. Instead I bought a 10-trip pass to use with the kids, and walked as often as I could. This served a two-fold purpose of being economical and also preparing myself to don a swimsuit. I think there were days that I easily walked over 5 miles just going between school, my Spanish classes, the store, etc. We've been so lucky to have an unseasonably long spring, and I enjoyed exploring some new areas around the city. But I also realized that I really could use some summer sandals that are good for walking.

- For the first time in, ever, we made the effort of finding a regular babysitter. It's wonderful! I was always too nervous about leaving the kids with someone when they were babies, and then I used Derek's food allergies as an excuse for the next several years. But it would be a shame to miss out on the Madrid nightlife, so we are happy to have someone so we can have date nights here and there.
Josh and I went out last weekend and had a great time.

- We may have gone somewhere...controversial on our date. Josh insisted that we give it a try once, for tradition's sake.

He enjoyed it, I tolerated it.

Afterward, we went out for tapas and drinks and had a lot of fun.

I'm convinced that it's impossible for me to take my own photo and not have multiple chins.

Or maybe the problem is that I just actually have multiple chins. 


- I just remembered that our anniversary is in 2 days.
Happy 12th Anniversary Joshie-poo! ;)
Your gift is that I will call you Joshie-poo on the internet.

- After our trip, we're down to one week of school! We were able to find a tutor for the summer, so the kids will have Spanish lessons three times a week. It's been so much fun to see them continue to learn Spanish. The other day, Derek pointed out "Yo he visto primero!" to his sister, and I was totally willing to overlook that he was saying "I saw it first!" since he was speaking Spanish.

Maybe that will be my new rule, you can only argue in Spanish.

- Josh takes whatever opportunity he finds to practice his speaking skills. He makes me laugh. The only phone calls we ever get on our land line (which you have to have in order to receive internet service) are from telemarketers. Whenever that phone rings, Josh eagerly answers the phone and makes himself comfortable. He will listen and chat with them as long as they're willing, and then politely decline whatever it is they're selling.
He does the same with door-to-door salesmen or folks on the street that want us to sign or donate to something.

- Alex had "the best field trip ever" the other day. They went to a farm that apparently had a rock wall and horse rides. She is so much happier at school these days, and has plenty of friends to play with. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see her interact with them.

Let's finish up with some pictures I never got around to posting before:

During the San Isidro festival, we attended the fireworks one night, and then enjoyed them the following night from our balconies.
You can see Josh on the right.

My baby boy taking a bubble bath with his squinkies.

Alex on her 8th Birthday.

Nos vemos!


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Your kids look so much alike when you just show their face in the bubble bath. Glad you're getting out on your own over there. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

At first, I too, thought that was Alex surrounded by bubbles. The kids do look more alike than I realized. Bad Mee-Maw! Don't tell Alex. :)

Hope you're having a good time and good weather for your week at the beach. Take lots of pictures, please! Love you, Mama and Mr. Mark

Taylor said...

You are a hottie in your dress!