Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting there

We're living in our new "house" and we kinda sorta love it.
Except for the big piles of stuff everywhere. It's detracting from the zen.

Moving day went really well. The movers worked quickly, and had everything in the piso and unloaded in about 5 hours. There were a few things damaged, as usual, but that's why we don't buy expensive furniture. That way it hurts less when it arrives with a tear in the leather or when the legs on a dresser look like they've been chewed by a stray animal.

You may notice that I'm blogging, and it hasn't been three weeks. No, we are not so fortunate that our internet was hooked up that early. But we are indeed fortunate that someone lacking in electronics know-how has left their internet unsecured.
We can pilfer from the kitchen only, but we'll take what we can get.
Thank you, Default, whoever you are, both for the unsecured internet and the obvious lack of desire on your part to give your WIFI a name.

FYI-- in Spain, you pronounce it wee-fee.

Usually when we move, we don't have the movers unpack our boxes. Well, usually they don't offer and/or they move so slowly all the live-long day that when you ask them to unbox things at 5pm they give you a look that would make you think you ran over their dog.
The benefits to that are being able to open one box at a time, put it away, then move on to the next box. Orderly like, if you will.
And that works fine for us, because they are generally willing to come back a few days later to pick up the boxes and packing materials.
Here, we didn't have that option, nor can we load up the car and head to a dumpster. So they unloaded for us.
No boxes to deal with, but also no order. There were piles of clothes on the beds, the kitchen counters were covered, the dining room table was covered. Basically every flat surface was holding all of our worldly possessions.
This makes it a wee bit overwhelming as I look around the house.

So I'm blogging instead of looking around the house.

But that being said, it's so, so nice to have space and for the kids to have their toys.

I've been keeping my little washing machine humming these past few days, and we're finally getting out from under the pile. But laundry will be another post in itself.
We've made the first trip to the neighborhood market. They deliver if you spend a certain amount, which is nice.
Still lots to put away and even more to clean, and then I'll take pictures and show you our place.
And then you'll want to come visit!



Anonymous said...

Hooray! Can't wait to see the pics and glad you're starting to get settled. Good luck with the piles - wish I could send you a fairy godmother from Monterey! - N

Christina said...

Love it!!
Your poor place! It sounds like the worst case of Flat Surface Syndrome ever! I know you'll feel so much better when it's all sorted. Good for you for getting your laundry done under control! :)

Anonymous said...

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