Friday, February 15, 2013

Fried egg

It's Friday morning folks!
My cold has run its course, I bought some heel inserts for my shoes, I was not foiled in my attempt to get off the bus by people-who-look-like-they're-getting-off-but-are-really-just-blocking-my-way, and so the day is starting off promising.

The beaurocracy proved to be too much for us to get our car this week, so toward the end of next week we'll have Road Trip: Spanish Edition as we get a chance to see more of Spain than just Madrid. Should be fun! And possibly even frightening as we take to the roads for the first time.

I haven't driven a vehicle in a long time. And I probably won't for an even longer time. But I will be the world's best passenger-seat driver for my man.

It's going to be 61 lovely degrees today and I am off to get showered and dressed.
You see, I take the kids to school looking frumpy because I can't bring myself to get up earlier than necessary. I am the only one on the metro in a hoodie and converse, but I'm embracing my unkempt American image.

They're probably talking about me, but I can't tell.
Ignorance is bliss.

'sta luego...


Maranda said...

Did I miss the part about a fried egg?

Erin... I love your blog... I'm one of those horrible readers who rarely posts comments...but I read your blog religiously... you're my favorite. :)

I'm Erin. said...

Aww, thanks maranda :)

Have you ever seen the infamous "Friday" ""music"" video by Rebecca Black?
It sounds like she's saying Fried egg instead of Friday.
You can you tube it, but you'll never get those minutes back.

Anonymous said...

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Taylor said...

Fried Egg? What? Como? Fresa? Por que? Bibliotecha?

Yeah. Not gonna lie. I speak a little espanol.

Anonymous said...

Loving this!! Can't wait for more!!!

Anna in NC