Friday, February 17, 2012

We appear to be stuck in the 150's


Still here.

Livin' the dream.
One potty break at a time.

I'm experiencing the Weekend Deployment Phenomenon. This is what occurs when your husband is gone and the weekend is no longer something to look forward to.
It's just like every other day, without the distractions to make it go by faster.

The only highlight is that I get to sleep in.
It goes something like this:

Derek comes in to my room at 8:01am and gets about 1 inch away from my face to say:
Mommy, my blue light is on and I'm allowed out of bed now.

As if that were not abundantly obvious by his presence.

I send him off to the bathroom and listen to him talk me through every step. I'm not going to lie, the most interesting mornings are when he tells me that his penis is VERY BIG.
I'm told it's a morning thing.

Then he comes back to crawl into bed with me. I tell him he has to snuggle quietly and he does.
For about 30 seconds.
Then he tells me to stop breathing because my mouth is stinky.

About this time, I'm wondering what is taking my eldest spawn so long to get to my room.
Because I need her TV-turning-on-ability to get the young loud one out of my bed.
She arrives, I mumble to her to go put on a show.

They leave.

They watch TV. I sleep.
It's a good arrangement.
But every so often one of them will come in with a very important update. 

Such as, Derek is being loud during my favorite part of the show. Or. I want to watch Octonauts and Alex wont let me. Or. Mom, I saw a commercial for a movie that I really want to go see, can I see it? It comes out next year but I really needed to ask you RIGHT NOW.

It's kind of a painful sleeping-in, but I take whatever I can get.

So that's pretty much what will be going on tomorrow from around 8- 9:30 10am.
Don't judge me.
Two hours of TV wont kill them, but if I don't get to sleep in every once in a while, I might.

Their father has been gone for 157 days and February is going by at the speed of molasses.

Ahora, me perdone por favor, voy a ir estudiar algun espaniol con piedra de Rosetta.


Taylor said...

I am all caught up! Gold star gor me!

Sarah @ Confessions of a Slacker Mom said...

I just found your blog somewhat randomly and last night I read for hours. I laughed so hard, literally out loud. Thank you for sharing your bright intelligent wit and the crappiness behind the awesomeness of motherhood. {Because it is crappy. But also awesome. Not sure how that works out, but it is what it is.}

Sandy said...

wow, se están convirtiendo en bastante proficiente en español ¿verdad?

Jesse and Alysha Lanham said...

I seriously love your blog so much! Every post makes me laugh like crazy!

I'm Erin. said...

Thanks Sarah & Alysha!
Sandy, do you speak Spanish or are you crafty with the online translator?
If you speak it, I shall force you to tutor me via Skype, so answer carefully. ;)
Taylor, no gold stars until you get your blog fixed!

Joyce said...

On the bright side, your Spanish is muy bueno!