Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bad tastes make them cry.

It's Day 154 and we're adding another holiday to the list of things daddy missed during this deployment.
Not that I keep track of these sort of things.


(I admit some of those we don't exactly celebrate, but it made my list longer and thus more impressive.)

With any luck, he'll be back for my birthday.
Sure. The holiday I wish wouldn't come.

Being SuperMom, I rocked this Valentines Day for my kids. Yes, I got them awesome treats.

Also known as stuff I was getting them anyway disguised as a present.
Who doesn't want socks and undies for V-Day? And new water bottles! Woo-hoo!

Then I made their holiday even better by schedule dentist appoints for both of them at 9 this morning. Nothing like starting your day off with a cleaning, right?


We have not had problems in the past, but this morning there were tears aplenty because, wait for it, the toothpaste tastes bad.
Of course it does.
But it is really a reason for tears?
And from my 6 year old?

Derek laid back like a champ and opened wide. The minute that stuff hit his tongue, he pushed the girl's hand away and tried to jump from the chair. He was outta there.
So I had to assist him to hold still.

If only Octonauts had been on instead of Mickey Mouse. I swear, he would submit to just about anything if only Octonauts were on.
He did, at one point, tell the dentist that his big hand was in the way of the TV.
Not to be confused with yesterday, when he told the lady cutting his hair that she was "Yanking his tail" when she told him how many pets she had. Of course, she then had to ask where he was hiding his tail.
I already knew what was about to come out of his mouth, so I just cringed and waited for it.

My tail is in my BUTT!

Lovely children I have.
Not rude at all.

Since Derek's class was having a Valentine's Day party, I told Alex that we would have a special day as well.

We took our schoolwork to McDonald's for a milkshake, and did some extra coloring and crafts.

This is Jimmy's plate.

We just finished a book about a boy who became blind. He had to learn how to eat by locating his food on the plate like the face of a clock. So Alex made the food and figured out where to place it on the plate. Meat at 6 o'clock, green beans at 12 o'clock, etc.

I shall now nominate myself as homeschooling mom of the year.
She took her recess in the playplace.

Wait. This just in: Other homeschooling moms do crafts all the time.
I must respectfully withdraw my nomination.

Then we drove about town delivering Valentines that Alex had made for her friends.

To repay me for making their day so much fun, this is the current state of the playroom:

I cannot imagine how it got to be this way:

Deceptively adorable, is he not?

Random clips for Daddy--

We got a new piece of TrickTrack--

After having sung this song to Derek everyday for forever, you would think I would not have to help him with the lyrics.

And I don't know why he seems so confused at the end.
He lives a very confused life.

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you all get some action tonight.
I'll live vicariously through you.

If you need me, it's Tuesday, so you know where I'll be.


Anonymous said...

Adorable kids!!!!! (but, I KNOW you can't wait for your hubby to get home!! Single parenting is SO hard. )

Anna from NC

Sandy said...

wow, derek sure looks like josh in that last clip...must have been the way his hair was combed.

Erin said...

I was so thinking this: "After having sung this song to Derek everyday for forever" was going to be Hail to the Victors.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day without your Valentine. I spent my day at school parties, soccer practice, mother nature arriving, and cleaning puke up in a child's bed. Now I get to sleep with said child in my bed = no sleep.

Love is in the air!
Jen mcd

Christina said...

You guys are so great!! My whole house looks like your playroom. :P My kids think the toothpaste at the dentist tastes bad, too. And Eliana refused to open her mouth almost the whole time the last visit. Aargh! It was really annoying.
"My tail is in my butt." hahaha!