Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things Overheard at the Schore house

"Derry's eating Pablo!" -Alex (Pablo was a little wet, but he survived)
"Bbbblllppphhhh" - the sound of Derek blowing raspberries with a mouthful of carrots
"Yuck." - Mommy wiping carrots off her face
"Goodnight." - Daddy, at 6:30 pm. So ready for this inspection to be over!
"I bewy bewy hungwy"- Alex, all day long
"Waaaahhhh" - Derek last night at 12, 5:30, and 7 am. What's the deal?? You'd better be getting some teeth or something kid!
"I gave Derry his rattle! I made him so happy!" - Alex being a sweet big sister
"Thanks Alex, you are such a great sister." -me, in response
"No, I'm not a sister, I'm a cat." - Alex, who is never Alex anymore. She is a cat, teddy bear, dog, or one of a zillion other favorite characters.

I love my crazy little family :)


Patricia said...

Grandma is coming in 7 days. Hang on! Help is on the way.

The Stevens Family said...

Alex has such a great imagination! How cute :-)