Friday, March 7, 2008


Daddy swam with Alex at the base pool. She had a great time! I wish we could do this more often, but I'm not quite ready to tackle swimming alone with 2 little ones. Sorry the quality's not great on this clip...I tried to adjust the camera settings to make the files smaller but might have gone a little too far with it.

I love this picture of Derek...I could just eat him up (and often do!)

This is Planet Kids...it's like a McDonald's play place on steroids. We took Alex a while back and she had a blast. Of course, she insisted that Daddy accompany her through a lot of it. She's a little wimpy! I couldn't get a shot with her in it since she was always either buried in balls or in a tunnel. But you can see Derek -- he's in the stroller taking a snooze :)


Jennifer said...

I'm honestly not sure what to make of all your comments about wanting to eat/nibble Derek. Is he safe in the house with you? :)

Heather & Scott said...

Awesome indoor pool!! Why do you guys get one and we don't??? Oh yeah, we have an ocean. But I'd still love an indoor pool (they're less messy then all that sand!)