Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Title is the Hardest Part

Howdy y'all!  (I'm practicing.)

Here's what we've been up to lately.

Baseball. He's so cute!

Everyone wants a turn to be catcher. The best part is when the ball gets past them and they can't find it because all the equipment blocks their view.

Sister cheering on the Cardinals. She looks thrilled to be there, no?

Josh got home a week ago from his really difficult trip to Spain. He was obviously overworked.

He came bearing gifts. Derek was always a Real Madrid fan, and Alex was loyal to Atleti. And just like "our" year in Madrid-- they will be playing each other in the Finals. Súper emocionante! And we will be dressed to represent for the big game.
Which we will not watch, unless it's somehow being shown on Netflix.

A treat after bouncing at the trampoline café. This kiddo will be turning 11 next week!

Found this playground. The slide was spitting kids out like greased lightening. You can see how far Derek rolled by his feet off to the left.

In other news, our time in Korea is rapidly coming to an end. We are hoping to have our rear ends in plane seats 35 days from now. Step 1 to enacting this plan is to have orders (the official paperwork for a military move without which nothing can be accomplished.)

We are currently in Step 0.5-- waiting for orders.

Why yes, astute reader, I do feel that I spend the majority of my life waiting on the Air Force. Thanks for asking.


Joyce said...

Good luck with the waiting and the moving and the transitions and everything. I sent my daughter to your blog as she is living the military wife life : )

one of us said...

Ahhhhh, waiting for orders, it never changes. Happy birthday to Alex! Marina just has hers and has shot up like a weed! They aren't so little any more :( What happened to those princess birthday parties?!?! Good luck on getting to your new destination on time!