Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stuff and Nonsense

I must begin by telling you that despite my worst fears and what I felt were significant odds, my daughter made it back from her class trip! And with all of her stuff, too!

She was full of stories about how they were allowed to stay up until 11pm each night, and that at lunch they could have unlimited Coca Cola, and at dinner unlimited Fanta.

I am certain this made the teachers' days much more...lively.

There was bed jumping and pillow fighting, hiking, kayaking, archery, museum visits, and she also judiciously used her spending money to buy...candy.

She took lots of pictures, to include the square-seat on the toilet, the television in her room, the bathroom sink, and stray cats.
She reported that she had so much fun that it felt like she was only gone for one day and no nights.

I'm happy to have my whole family back under the same roof, even if that makes the space a little noisier.

Moving on.

The countdown is at 28 Days. Twenty-eight. Ventiocho.

This is painful. It's like pulling a Band-Aid off slowly.

A super-sticky generic brand bandage.
On a hairy part.

Today we walked around the touristy area of town to pick out our Madrid magnet. We like to collect magnets from the places we visit or live. Because it's the cheapest thing to collect and when you're in the habit of moving about the country and/or world, it's best not to collect expensive breakables.

I was too busy thinking about how much I'm going to miss the city to enjoy it. And Retiro was its usual haven of green-ness and great people watching. The temps dipped back down into the high 60s-70s this past week and I'm happy to enjoy a little more spring before the heat hits.

Don't worry, I'll move past my depressive state soon enough. And certainly there are things I miss about "home" that I'm looking forward to this coming year. Mostly food related.

Today was the last Sunday in May, and so my last time teaching the children's class. I would tell you I'm sad about that, but I try to keep it real around here.

Ha. I kid.
Kind of.

Let's just say that if working with groups of children was my calling in life, I'd probably do best if the group could all speak that same language. Also, if the children would maybe listen. That would be cool, too.

We'll chalk it up to a learning adventure and further evidence that I did not miss my calling to be a teacher.

In other news, we got our photos back from our rainy-day photo shoot.
I am not photogenic.
The temperature dropped suddenly and we had to change the plan for our supposed-to-be coordinated outfits at the last minute.

Also, it's a good thing we stopped at 2 kids, because I'm not sure how bigger families manage to get any pictures in which everyone is looking at the camera and doesn't have crazy eyes.

All that being said, it's about the memories not about perfection. Right?


This is one of the last shots we took, and if you look in the water behind us you can see the raindrops.
This is the side of the Palacio Real.

I will drag out the photo reveal by adding a new one every post, until such a time as I don't like any more pictures of me.
I will, however, throw a stoned-looking Josh under the bus if I look good.

Heh Heh.

Look at these little boogers!

I have no idea why it let me make the top photo bigger but not this one. Technology also is not my calling.

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one of us said...

Yay for everyone being home! Fanta by you is different than Fanta here. I do believe your Fanta has real juice in it while the stuff here has none.

We collect magnets too :) Ours still get broken.