Thursday, December 5, 2013


Things that have happened since I last blogged:

1) I went on a field trip with Josh's class to a Spanish military parade. It was only for the foreigners in the class. These folks are part of the Spanish Royal Guard.

Highlights: The horses pooped in the middle of the parade route and fancy-pants military folks had to retain their military bearing while trying to avoid the steaming piles.

You can see the poop here. You're welcome.

 And now check out the guy on the far left. Score one for the horse.

Also. Wine, jamón, and queso at the reception.
This is my smile that says, "Well done Guardia Royal. Now where is the jamón?"

For some reason the picture also makes me want to sing "The Wheels on the Bus."

2) We went on our overnight getaway to Segovia.

Funny story. We'd been watching the weather; since the city is so close it makes sense that we would wait and plan to go when it would be nice out. Weather.com predicted highs in the low 50's with sun, so we booked a hotel and headed off.
As we drove through the mountains, we noticed the car's temperature gauge was reading in the 30's. This confused us. Was Segovia at a lower altitude, and the temp would warm up as we approached? Did we look at the forecast for the wrong city? Is the Carrola showing her age and the gauge is faulty?
We drove through a long tunnel. When we popped out on the other side, snow greeted us.
As did a sign saying Segovia was not too many kilometers down the road.
So we enjoyed a cold, snowy, yet scenic getaway while we wondered who checked the forecast for the wrong city.

Warming up inside the cathedral.

It was a good excuse for lots of hot chocolate.

Maybe too much chocolate. (Inside the Alcazar)

Derek was tongue-tied when he was born, so we had his frenulum clipped.
Just look at that range of motion he has.
I'm so...proud.

The Roman aquaduct was certainly the most impressive view in the city for us.

View from the top. See the red roof across the street? To the left of that is a white garage, and to the left of that is the hotel we stayed in.

After we got home, I looked on Weather.com again to see if I'd just made a mistake. Nope. It must be a bad link or something, because the site assured me that the weather that Saturday had been 50 degrees with sun. While my frostbitten fingers assured me that it indeed had not been 50 degrees with sun.
But it was a nice little city, and we're glad we went.

3) Josh and I had a date night with the Frenchies to see Flamenco.
Oye! Guapa!

It was fun, and muy español.

4) Thanksgiving happened.
It did not feel much like Thanksgiving, as the kids had school that day. Josh was given the day off from his class (only the two Americans, everyone else still had class) and so we used the day without the kids to see some of the places we hadn't yet visited in Madrid.

Here you find me. In front of the Templo de Debod, which if you can believe it is an ancient Egyptian temple that was rebuilt in Madrid.

For dinner, I made some of the traditional side dishes and we ordered a bucket of KFC.

Yes, yes, have your laugh. My oven is small, okay? It would only fit the side dishes, not a turkey and side dishes. And Josh has no faith in my bird-cooking abilities.
And let's face it-- what tastes better, healthy turkey or unhealthy fried chicken?
Yeah, that's what I thought.

5) Christmas season arrived.

(With the tree in Plaza Sol)

We hadn't brought our tree with us, since we weren't sure how much storage space we would have here. But we have some American friends who are going back to the states for Christmas, and so they let us borrow their tree. Perfect! If not, we were going to buy a real one here, but they're quite pricey so this worked out better.
We decorated on Thanksgiving night with the limited things we brought along, and since then we've had lots of Christmas music playing in the background, the daily Advent calendar opening, and lots and lots of online shopping. This equates to lots and lots of trips for me to the Embassy mailbox, but since my work schedule is light (ha.) it's not a problem for me to swing by often.
Besides it gives me a chance to practice my Spanish with José the friendly mail guy.

6) The kids are excited about the Christmas season of course, and now the lights are on in the city which makes it super festive. We haven't gone walking with the camera yet, but we will soon. The weather's still really nice with highs in the 50's, except if you want to visit Segovia of course.
Alex has been wanting a guitar for the past 6 months or so, and I can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning! She's counted her money numerous times over the past months, not wanting to wait to see if she'd get one for Christmas but naturally not having nearly enough to buy one.
Her wish list includes: "A guitar, or 33 euro" which is the amount she would need to make up the difference between what she has and how much she needs to buy one.
Derek brought home his stationery for the Reyes Magos from school (Spanish kids get gifts on January 6th from the Three Kings) and promptly sat down and wrote his list, in Spanish of course as the Reyes Magos don't speak English.

He put down 1) A package of shiny gogos 2) A collection of gogos and 3) Legos.
Gogos are little plastic figures the kids collect and play with here and cost 1 euro at the kiosks. So, it will be a cheap Christmas for the little guy. Ha ;)

Josh normally takes charge of Derek's gifts, mostly because he likes to look at the action figures. Young at heart maybe?
Anyway, he made sure that Derek was getting not one, but two light sabers so that they can fight each other with real ones, instead of the pretend ones they use now when they wrestle.
Every night.
Right before bedtime.
It's quite conducive to a quiet, peaceful bedtime routine.

7) Other than that, it's been life as usual. Which is a very good thing.


Joyce said...

Your kids are still cute.

I understand the turkey not fitting in the oven. When we lived in England a friend tipped me off to the fact I should measure before ordering a big bird. Oh, and to be sure and tell the butcher I wanted mine plucked. Thankful for friends!

I miss Europe. That is all.

Anonymous said...

I know I should probably be commenting on something like the beautiful cathedral, my grand kids, or even horse poop, but I LOVE the picture of you in the hat. Too cute! Love to you all! Mama

Taylor said...

How have I missed this? Lame.

I tend to get jealous of your exciting life. I was curious about how Christmas was celebrated in Spain. Do you get more homesick during the holidays?

You look cute in the pics. :) Smooches!