Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello, October!

And just like that, it's fall.

The leaves in Parque de Retiro are changing colors and I'm determined to make my children frolic in them wearing clothes I wouldn't normally let them play in to document it. It's this weekend's goal.

So let's catch up on the last couple of weeks.
School is going well for the kids, I love living in Madrid, and my current lifestyle is an embarrassment of self indulgence.

But I'm just going to enjoy it as a gift, remembering that seasons of life come and go, knowing that in the future there will be plenty of "normal."

I bought a Groupon way back in spring for a "photo tour" of Madrid-- where a photographer will follow you through an area of the city and take your pictures. It was only for two people, but it was a great price and so I bought it. I figured Josh and I haven't had pictures taken as a couple since our wedding, so maybe now's the time.
You know, before we both go downhill.

I was planning on having them done in early July when Josh's mom was in town to keep the kids, but then he took a flying leap off some rocks and messed up his beautiful face.

So we waited as long as we could, and had them taken right before the groupon expired in August.

It was hot.
But they got some good shots, and I'm glad we did it. I've ordered a few on canvas; I'm just waiting for them to arrive.

For your viewing pleasure...

This one is in front of the Puerta de Alcalá, just a few minutes walk from our apartment, and along the bus route home. I am still not 'used to' seeing the beautiful buildings and fountains every day, and I don't think I will be before we leave.

This is on the Paseo del Prado. The photographer timed it with the street light, but the truth is that this city empties out in August, when the Spanish take a month-long vacation to the beach. They generally don't take shorter vacations like Americans, but save up all their time and use it at once.

Having the city to ourselves was nice while it lasted.

Fact: I'm wearing a dress my mother gave me when she no longer wanted it.
This shouldn't surprise anyone who knows that I also wore my sister's wedding dress to save me the trouble of dress shopping.

Fact: I got terrible blisters walking around in those heels. By the end of the photoshoot I had to take them off and walk the nasty streets barefoot.

This one is outside the Prado museum.

Fact: Everyone in our family has been hating on Josh's green pants.
I love the green pants. Here, you see way more men wearing colored pants than men wearing jeans.
And this is rather tame compared to some of the shades around town!
We were going for the euro-look.
This next one makes me think the photographer was saying to himself "And the jungle cat stalks his prey from the safety of the bushes..."

I can still see some remnants of the black eyes in these pictures, but my husband is still a hottie.

Last one.

And now we are on the every-12-year-plan for couples photography.
Se you in 2025.


Anonymous said...

About time you shared the rest of the pictures. I'll take one of each. We are placing orders, right? They're beautiful honey! You guys look really good! Makes me miss you even more. Love, Mama and Mark. Oh, nice dress too. I barely remember being able to fit into it. :)

one of us said...

So much fun that your family can share clothes like that! And, I totally get the green pants on the streets of Madrid. You'll be backs to the good old American jeans and flannel in no time at all.

Anonymous said...

I have a very beautiful daughter with the ability to adapt to any situation. I have a Son in Law who is willing to dress like the locals. I love them both and could not be happier for them. Josh is a great husband and father to my grand kids. I could not have picked better myself

Love you Dad

Christina said...

Your husband is good-looking, yes, but you are also a hottie, lady! Love these pictures!!

Sandy said...

Those are great...and the green pants brought out the green in your dress perfectly! Besides, they made him look like a fashion model. And Lordy, that one picture of him bending you backward, belongs on the cover of a romance novel! P.S. You're a hottie too 😉

Corie said...

Love these pictures! You guys look great. By the way... I have the same dress!