Monday, September 9, 2013

A list.

1) Derek had a birthday almost a month ago. He turned six. We love him.
The end.

2) You see, when I get behind on blogging I start to feel as if I can never catch up. So I just caught up.

3) The Flodge.

The other day we went to a water park, and it reminded Derek of when we went to the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water-park hotel chain that needs to consider raising the temperature of their water, at least in the Williamsburg, Virgina location.

Derek saw the wave pool, and commented-- "It's just like the Great Woo Flodge!"

The what, Derek?

"The Flodge! You know."

Kids are funny.

4) Today was the first day of school.

How did it go, you ask?

Well, the best part was the quiet.
The worst part was the waking up.

Oh, you meant for the children?

It went great! At least, it did for Alex. She likes her teachers and they did her favorite subject-- not math.
That's right, the absence of doing math is her favorite subject.

Her father is extremely disappointed, as his mathlete status is something he treasures.

We don't know how things went for Derek because he can never remember. He's pretty sure his teacher told him her name, but he just can't remember what it was.
He's pretty sure some of the kids from last year are in his class again, but he can't be certain.
He definitely went to the bathroom today, but doesn't recall if he pooped.

Sorry, it's true. And yes, we ask. Because if he said "yes, I pooped" then he would need a bath to decontaminate. I just don't trust him.

Or the boys bathroom.

Day 1: Success. (Unless Derek suddenly remembers something to deem it a failure, but I wouldn't hold my breath.)

5) I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.

6) Josh bought some NFL program that lets him watch every football game of the season on the iPad.
Now I don't have a husband, or an iPad.

I'm choosing to allow this, because my he missed the last two football seasons in Afghanistan and California, where we decided the cost-benefit ratio wasn't justified for the amount of time we were staying there.
Also because I love him.

7)  Life in Madrid is good. Thanks for checking in.


Sandy said...

My 15 year old son is the same way about questions concerning school (except the poop part =o) so don't look for that to improve! Every day we ask, "What did you do in school today?" In which he replies, "Nothin'"! As long as he keeps up the good grades at doing "nothin'", I won't worry!

Nicole said...

Hey! I have a great idea! My own hubby has just decided that he loves American football. We were in an Irish pub watching the Falcons get beat this past Sunday. Next time, we'll have to go together so Josh can maybe help Dani with the rules because I'm at a loss. And then, you and I can drink wine...

Joyce said...

Your daughter and my oldest definitely have something in common : )

Glad life is good in Madrid!

Taylor said...

Maybe he tells you he doesn't remember if he pooped because he fears the decontamination protocol that will surely follow.

Did you think of that?