Sunday, July 14, 2013

Around town

It's been so long since I've blogged that I had to go back and read my last post to see where I left off.
Tisk, tisk.

I can already tell the summer is going to go by too fast. This mama loves sleeping in every day, and the kiddos are at the perfect age where they can find their own way to the television and they leave me alone until someone gets hungry.
I suppose I could leave snacks out for them, but the truth is that they don't usually bother me until almost 10:00 on some days and I'm afraid if they were fed, I might forget to wake up altogether.
For shame.

I justify my slovenly life by reminding myself that at least they're watching Spanish TV, which is what their teachers said they should do. ;)

Once we're all up and fed, the three of us try to head outside before the afternoon heat comes. Our lovely spring has definitely given way to the heat of summer. We've had temps over 100 degrees a couple of times.

Unfortunately for Pat the Bunny, she arrived at the same time as the heat wave. We weren't able to see as much of the city as we might have had the temperatures been cooler, but the kids enjoyed all the extra time playing games and Legos with Grandma.

Again, we tried to get out in the mornings to do a little sight-seeing. Here are some of the things we saw.

The view of our "neighborhood church" from inside the park.

We finally made it up to the observation deck of the city hall building.

 La Almudena Catedral

Plaza Mayor


Puerta de Alcalá

And more, but you get the idea. 

At some point Grandma gave her camera to thing 1 and thing 2, and then we also got lots of pictures of blank walls, close-ups of my furniture, and proof that pants are optional in the Schore home. 

One of them snapped this shot, so now at least you can picture them here while they are being neglected in the mornings. 

A store. 

Derek did some modeling. 

Parks, parks, and more parks. 

Sneaking into the sprinklers. 

Usually I poke fun at PTB's camera work, but she snapped this one of my little love displaying his Lego vehicle filled with his squinkie friends and I couldn't possibly be more in love with that precious face.

Girls, I would start making your moves now. He has the sweetest heart, loves to snuggle, holds the door for ladies, is learning from the best how to spoil your wife, and is almost bilingual to boot.

The only down side to this catch is that he has his hands on or around his wiener about 90% of the time.

But that should pass.

I hope.

So it's been a month now since my dearly beloved took his tumble on the rocks. My last post mentioned his return to the office, but after a few days we realized that it wasn't such a good idea. Even with a crutch to help, he would come home with his knee twice as swollen as when he left. So he was back to working from home for another few days, then tried again with just half-days at the office.
Now he can manage a full day without the swelling, so that's a good sign. He also doesn't need the crutch anymore unless he's navigating stairs. 

Derek frequently says to Josh, "I think you should have been more careful, then you wouldn't have fallen off the mountain."

Good advice.


Tracy said...

From the mouths of babes comes sage advice.

Anonymous said...

I have beautiful Grand Kids

Joyce said...

Wow-just caught up here. So glad your hubs is okay! Navigating health care in a foreign country is always a lot of fun : ) Summer is flying by in the states too, if that makes you feel any better. Enjoy yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Alex reminds me so much of you in that picture of her in the mirror. In another eight years Josh will be locking her in her room to keep the boys away. Love that you take a lot of pictures to help keep us in the loop. Still miss you terribly! Hope Josh is healing well. Love, Mama and Mark