Monday, January 14, 2013


The kids had their first day of school today! Things went well, but I´m afraid I´ve run out of time today to upload the newer pictures. I´ll do a post about school next, but since I´ve promised pictures twice now, here are just a couple that I had already uploaded...

All of us plus all of our stuff ready to head into the Kalamazoo airport.
This pile looks deceptively small-- there were a bunch of things hiding behind that big suitcase in the front.

Josh sandwiched between two sleeping children on the flight over the Atlantic.
I was supposed to be sleeping across the aisle, but that didn't pan out.

At least Derek was comfy ;)

That's our hotel in the background. We have one of the rooms that's on the curve, and has 4 of those little balconies.

In one of Madrid's many plazas.

Derek enjoying the hydrotub.

The tub doubles as my washing machine, since I have yet to find a local laundry service.
The hotel service charges more to wash one pair of underwear than it would cost to buy a new pair.
For realz.
Spain doesn't really do laundromats as we know them. I found one not too far away, but it would cost around $20 to do one load.

I've heard there are places that will charge by the kilo, which is a better deal. But I haven't seen one, so I've just been using the bathtub and draping clothes all over the room to dry.
Overall, today was a better day. We're pretty much adjusted sleep-wise, the kids got a break from us and vice-versa, but getting things accomplished to find a place & get settled still seems to be one step forward and 2 steps back.
Tomorrow the big goal is to get a bank account set up. Judging by where you go to obtain metro passes, I'm expecting to start the day in a butcher shop.
Hasta luego!


Sandy said...

Did your coats smell like mothballs after living in CA? It was in the 70's today in NC and that was with no sun and rain! Enjoying all the post...it's almost like being there.

Jennifer said...

Awesome pictures! Definitely looks like Europe :) Have fun at the butcher shop. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to keep your money. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I'm floored by these prices! Good luck tomorrow! Did the kids enjoy school? We're they nervous? Need more pictures! Miss you all!

Jen mcd

Linda Ng said...

Derek is so smart-lookin in his formal attire! he s adorable!

Linda Ng said...

Derek is so smart-lookin in his formal attire! he s adorable!